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Updated July 12/2017

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Mounting Arms, Accessories For Field Monitors

Ultralight Arms and Accessories

Wooden Camera Ultra Mounting Accessories

SWIT Pantilt Arm Trestle - $99 - in stock
Articulating arm bracket with 1/4” screw head to support on-camera monitors or other accessories at any angle, by adjusting the joints of arms. Length 250mm. Our strongest am with locking "teeth" in the joint. Max load not more than 1lb.

Kamerar GB Tough Friction Arm with Super-Lock
7" - $65 - in stock
11" - $69 - in stock
- Each side provides 1/4-20 male threaded stud with knurled textured locking discs
- Center Joint with thrust bearing locking knob
- Stainless Steel Ball Joints with Micro Textured Surface
- Hot Shoe connector on one end to go into a hot shoe
Max load not more than 1lb.

Noga DG9038CA CineArm DG (Medium) - $189 - in stock
1/4" Screw on one end, 3/8" on the other. 12" Long.

Tilta MA-T03 Monitor Arm - $99 - in stock
10" arm with 15mm rod adapter. Max load not more than 1lb.

Mini Quick Release - $49 - more in soon
This very useful device is a tiny quick release, usually used for monitors, but can be used for other devices as well. The Mini Quick Release allows you to quickly snap on and off any accessories mounted onto your cage or shoulder rig. Saves you from screwing and unscrewing things like monitor arms. How does it work? it is essentially two pieces. The bottom base has a male 1/4-20" screw, and mounts onto any female 1/4" screw, such as on a cage. The top plate, which comes off with a lever, has a female 1/4-20" screw hole, so you can attach any device with a 1/4-20" male thread into it, such as a monitor arm. The screws are removable, so you can reverse this process, so that the 1/4" screw becomes a male on the top plate, and a female 1/4" on the bottom of the bottom plate, so you can also screw it onto the device (monitor, recorder), and then screw something into the bottom of the Mini Quick Release, such as an arm. It is 100% CNC machined, and made from aircraft aluminum material. Comes with an Allen key.

Cinevate Universal Accessory Mount - $32 - in stock
The Universal Accessory Mount can be used in conjunction with any 1/4-20 threaded accessory using two points of articulation to allow for effortless repositioning.

Zacuto Zonitor Handheld Kit for 15mm Rods - Special Order

The Zacuto Zonitor Handheld Kit attaches a ¼ 20 accessory (usually a monitor) to a 15mm rod via an articulating arm. You can mount any device with a ¼ 20 (or 3/8 16 with ¼ 20 to 3/8 16 adapter) screw hole, such as an external on-board monitor, lights, and/or hard drives. The Zicromount stays on your accessory – the L prongs will stop it from spinning - and the Z-Mount (15mm) stays on the rod. The 12” articulating arm connects the two via a quick release on both mounts. No screwdrivers or unwinding necessary!

Kit Includes:
- Zmount II
- Zamerican V3 Large Arm
- Zicromount III

Zacuto Zicromount III ZM-3 - Reg $99 Sale $49 - in stock
The Zacuto ZicroMount III is used to mount any device with a ¼ 20” or a 3/816” inch (with a ¼ 20” to 3/8 16” adapter) screw hole. The Zicromount III is screwed into the bottom of a device, such as a monitor, and mounted to any 15mm rod, threaded articulating arm with Zacuto ZUDS or Zamerican Arm. The Zicromount III has the ability to attach to the device using two screws. The Zicromount III also has L shaped claws to prevent devices from turning and unwinding.


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