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Updated Nov 27/21

Accessory Shoe Adapters

Rode DCS-1 - $20 - in stock
The DCS-1 is a dual cold shoe mount for mounting two microphones or cold shoe accessories on a device with a single cold shoe mount. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, it is sturdy and discreet and is compatible with all RØDE products that feature a cold shoe adaptor. It also includes cable management slots for select RØDE audio cables. When paired with the Rode SC11, it provides a neat, streamlined solution for connecting two microphones to a single DSLR-style camera or recording device, for example dual Wireless GO receivers, or a wireless receiver and a VideoMic.

The ProMaster Triple Bracket is can hold up to 3 accessory items securely above your camera using its hot shoe. Microphones, lights, transceivers and similar accessories can now be easily positioned on your camera and within reach. Each of the 3 platforms on the triple bracket is set to a different height so you can maximize space by selectively placing various items on it. It has a locking wheel to ensure a tight connection to your camera. It also has a threaded 1/4-20" port on the bottom of its cold foot allowing you to alternatively connect the bracket to a tripod, light stand, flex arm, or other grip item.

ProMaster 4 " Triple Bracket - $34 - in stock
Dimensions: 4 1/8" W x 3 1/4" H / 105mm x 83 mm
ProMaster 5" Triple Bracket - $39 - in stock
Dimensions: 5" W x 4 1/8" H / 127mm x 105 mm

ProMaster 4-in-1 Cold Shoe Mount (6863) - $25 - in stock
Lets you mount all kinds of accessories to your camera, a bracket, tripod, light stand, and more. Using its own cold foot you can attach thi smount to the top of your camera or use the 1/4"-20 threaded port (located in the base of the cold foot) to connect to a tripod, light stand, etc.

Shoe to Ball Mounts

Shape STMC Shoe Mount - $38 - in stock
Mount a monitor or other accessory to your camera or rig with this Shape Friction Swivel and Tilt Mount. This convenient accessory mounts directly on a shoe mount and allows for the attachment of a full array of video accessories with a 1/4"-20 thread such as a microphone, light, or monitor. Shoe adapter on bottom and 1/4"-20 screw on top allows for multiple applications. Single locking knob for safe, fast adjustment.

Tilta Cold Shoe Mounting Bracket (Tactical Grey) - $35 - in stock
(TA-AMB) This bracket attaches to your camera setup via a cold shoe mount and provides an adjustable 1/4″-20 mounting point to allow you to attach a variety of accessories such as a monitor or wireless video transmitter.

SmallRig Small Ball Head w/Shoe - $10 - in stock
(761) Small ball head that goes into a hot shoe. 1/4-20 mounting screw for mounting accessories. Only meant for lightweight items, such as Zoom recorder, small LED lights, etc.

SmallRig Medium Ball Head - $25 - in stock
(1875) A medium sized ball head that can take a bit more weight than the smaller ball head. Connects via the hot shoe. Hot shoe connector is removable if you wish, and has a 3/8" hole on the bottom. Good for attaching monitors or lights to the camera that aren't super heavy.

Optex Mini Ball Mount - $25 - in stock
Aluminum mini ball headwith cold shoe adapter included. 360° Pan rotation and 90° Portrait tilt rotation. Standard ¼ 20” thread mount.

Accessory Shoe Thread Adapters

SmallRig Cold Shoe Adapter - $10 - in stock
(1241) Bolt this cold shoe receiver to a cage, arm, or anything with a 1/4-20 screw hole. Perfect for adding accessories to cages, etc. Comes with 1/4-20 screw and allen key.

Promaster Accessory Shoe Adapter 4638 - $8 - in stock
A small, adjustable cold shoe mount with a common 1/4"-20 threaded port in its base.

ProMaster Shoe Mount to 1/4 " male - $15 - in stock
(8292) Fits 1/4" mounted accessories on a hot shoe.

Accessory Shoe Adapters for Sony and Canon Camcorders

DM Accessories MIS-SHOE - Reg $39 Sale $15 - limited stock
Need to put a mic or light onto certain Sony camcorders, but are stymied by that crazy Sony hot-shoe-like port that doesn't fit anything, except certain Sony accessories? Here's the solution. This adapter tightens down securely, and won't fall out. Shoe is made out of metal, and the base is made from stainless steel. Note that this adapter is strictly mechanical, and will not pass any electrical signals between the camcorder and the mounted device. Also note that is adapter is only for the Sony Multi Interface Shoe (MIS), which is on newer Sony camcorders. This is a different shoe from the older Sony AIS or IAS system.

Compatible Sony Camcorders - FDR-AX100, HDR-CX900, HDR-PJ430V/J540/J650/J790, or any Sony camcorder with the Multi Interface Shoe (MIS).

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