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Updated Nov 2/23

Sony LCD Production Monitors

Sony 24" PVM X2400 4K HDR Trimaster High-Grade Production Monitor
special order - call for pricing and availability
The PVM-X2400 24-inch, 4K HDR high grade picture monitor incorporates the Sony specified premium LCD panel and offers 1000 cd/m2 luminance and color matching with 4K HDR master monitor BVM-HX310, making group monitoring easy in onset, Studio and OB van’s wall and 19” EIA racks, Editing, Mixing audio, etc.

  • Sony specified 24-inch 4K Premium LCD panel for realizing faithful color matching with BVM-HX310
  • TRIMASTER realized Accurate colour reproduction, Precise imaging and Quality Picture Consistency
  • Black Detail High/Mid/Low
  • Dynamic Contrast Drive
  • Various signal settings and Automatic setting by Video payload ID
  • 4K video input versatility for both brand-new and traditional devices
  • 4K/HD scopes with HDR/SDR scale and audio level meter display
  • New User Interface
  • User 3D LUT
  • Sony’s unique Quad View display
  • DC operation

Sony LMD "A" Series Monitors

Sony LMD-A170 17" Monitor v3.0 - call for pricing and availability

Sony LMD-A240 24" Monitor v3.0 - call for pricing and availability

OLED quality without the OLED price. Same colour rendition as the famous Sony OLED monitors. And with its wide colour gamut, the LMD-A170 and A240 displays colour reproduction that are close to that of the Sony master monitors such as the BVM-HX310 - at a significant lower price.

- Color Spaces: REC 709, ITU-R BT.2020, DCI-P3, S-GAMUT, S-GAMUT3, S-GAMUT3.cine, sRGB, Adobe RGB, S-Log2, S-Log3
- 2K (2048x1080) can be scaled into the 1920x1080 screen (will be letterboxed)
- Anamorphic image conversion - correctly displays horizontally squeezed SDI signals
- Waveform, vectorscope, side by side, audio level meters, false colour, focus peaking, grid display, flip, time code display, safety area markers, closed caption display, on screen tally
- Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89
- INPUTS: SDI x 2, HDMI x 1, BNC Composite x 1; Mini-jack for audio; Ethernet
- OUTPUTS: SDI x 2, BNC Composite x 1; Mini-jack for audio, headphone mini-jack
- 17" Battery Power Option: 4 pin XLR, DC 12v-17v 3.6A-2.5A, 49w power consumption
- 24" Battery Power Option: 4 pin XLR, DC 12v-17v 3.6A-2.6A, 51w power consumption
- Dimensions 17" - 16 5/8" W x 12 3/8" T x 2 7/8" D; Weighs 11 lbs/5 kg (with monitor feet width is 6.5")
- Dimensions 24" - 22 3/8" W x 16 5/8" T x 2 7/8" D; Weighs 17 lbs/7.6 kg (with monitor feet width is 6.5")


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