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Updated July 18/24

Tilta Nucleus Nano Accessories

Tilta Nucleus Nano P-Tap to Micro USB (WLC-T04-PC-PTAP) - $40 - special order
This P-tap to Micro USB cable for the Nucleus-Nano allows you to power the motor from a P-tap power output port.

Titla Nucleus-Nano Run/Stop Cables
RED DSMC2 (RS-WLC-T04-RD2) - $40 Sale $20 - limited stock
LANC for Sony (RS-WLC-T04-LANC
) - $40 Sale $20 - limited stock
Sony Mirrorless (RS-WLC-T04-SYA) - $40 Sale $20 - limited stock

Panasonic GH4/5/5s (RS-WLC-T04-GH) - $40 - special order
Fuji X Series (RS-WLC-T04-FJX) - $40 - special order

Tilta Nucleus Nucleus Nano Ronin S to 5V Micro USB - $27 Sale $13 - limited stock

SmallRig Quick Release Mounting Clamp for Tilta Nucleus-Nano Handwheel - $50 Sale $25 - limited stock
(FAQ2323) Key Features:
1.Attach Tilta Nucleus-N Handwheel to Gimbals, camera cages and handles.
2.Quick release lever and installation mark.
3.Anti-off design to prevent the handwheel sliding off.
4.Provides multiple mounting points such as 1/4ā€-20, 3/8ā€-16 and m4 holes.

Tilta Nucleus Nano Handle Wheel 15mm Rod Adapter - $49 - special order
(WLC-T04-HWC-15) This 15mm rod adapter allows you to attach your Nucleus Nano Hand Wheel Controller onto your camera’s rod system.

Tilta Nucleus Nano Replacement Plate - $22 Sale $11 - limited stock
WLC-T04-HWC-GR. This adapter is designed to allow you to mount the Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Controller to the Tilta Gravity G2X or DJI Ronin-S. Use the included M6 screw to attach the adapter to one of the rosette connections at the base of Gravity G2X or use one of the Ronin-Sā€™s M4 screws to attach it to the Ronin-S. After mounting the adapter, you can then simply slide the Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Controller into it and then tighten it down with the locking lever.

Tilta Power Side Handle For Nucleus-Nano