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Updated Sept 14/20

DSLR Power Tap Cables and Accessories

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SmallHD LEMO Canon LP-E6 to D-Tap Power Cable - $369 - in stock
Only works with SmallHD monitors or any monitor that takes an LP-E6 but will not work on Canon cameras.

SmallHD DCA5 Kit - $179 - more in soon
LP-E6 to D-Tap. Only works with SmallHD monitors or any monitor that takes an LP-E6 but will not work on Canon cameras.

IndiPro LP-E6 MiniLP6 - Reg $99 Sale $49 - limited stock
The 30" Mini-Tap to Canon LP-E6 Type Battery Dummy from IndiPRO Tools enables you to use a D-Tap power source with Canon LP-E6 powered devices. Pair this mini adapter with a D-Tap pro battery to boost your DSLR or another device's runtime. It features a female D-Tap port and a 5V USB outlet which can be used to power camera accessories and USB devices from the same D-Tap power source.

Panasonic DMW-BLF19

IndiPro Tools PT92GH - $109 - special order
D-Tap converter to Panasonic Dummy Battery for GH 4/5 - DMW-BLF19.


Wooden Camera Power Tap to Sony A7 (NP-FW50) Dummy Battery - $169 - in stock
(194700) P-Tap to Sony A7 Type Dummy Battery NP-FW50 allows you to power your camera using external batteries with a P-Tap power connector. The converter regulates any input voltage within the range of 12 to 18 VDC, providing 7.2 volt output. It features a P-Tap connector on one end and a dummy battery that fits into a Sony A7 battery compartment on the other end. Works with any Sony D-SLR that uses the NP-FW50 battery, such as a7 line/a7II line/a6300/a6400/a6500.

Wooden Camera D-Tap to Sony A9, A7III/A7RIII (Dummy NP-FZ100) - $169 - in stock
(262300) Power your Sony D-SLR off D-Tap. Compatible with Sony cameras that use the FZ100 battery, such as the a7III/a7rIII/a7sIII/a9.

IndiPro Tools 8PASA7 - $175 Sale $49 - in stock
Power/Audio Grid - Dual XLR to Mini-jack Adapter with Dual LP-E6 Plates for Sony a7 series that take FW-50 batteries provides power to your Sony a7 Camera using two optional Canon LP-E6 type to FW-50 dummy battery. It converts two XLR inputs to a 3.5mm stereo audio output to provide two channels of audio directly to your camera. The Power Grid System incorporates a clamp so you can mount it to optional LWS 15mm support rods and it features a right angle power plug to keep the cable neat and snug on the camera.


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