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Updated July 28/21

USB Capture

Atomos CONNECT 4K HDMI to USB Capture - Reg $105 SALE $79 - in stock
(ATOMCON002) Atomos CONNECT 4K is a small and powerful new member in the Atomos product portfolio that gives you an affordable and easy way to stream and share your content online. CONNECT 4K merges your camera shots with the social media audience at the highest quality possible and with its plug-and-play USB connectivity it works great on any PC or Mac and with every streaming software solution available today including Zoom, Skype, OBS, Vmix, Wirecast and more. HDMI Input - Up to 4Kp30. USB Output - Up to 1080p60. Supports 8/10/12-bit deep color. HDMI Support - certified AWG26 HDMI cables up to 15 meters. Software Support - Popular acquisition software on Windows, Android & Mac OS. USB Support - Conforms to USB Video and UVC standard. Conforms to USB Audio UAC standard (L-PCM format.

ioGear UpStream GUV301 USB-C HDMI Capture Device - $129 - in stock
Need to get the HDMI signal from your stills or video camera into your computer for Zoom, Facebook, OBS, Twitch, Teams, etc etc etc? This will do it! Let's you use a higher quality camera (such as your D-SLR or video camera) than a low-quality web-cam for your virtual Covid-19 universe. Once you Zoom with a D-SLR, you'll never go back to a webcam! Works with Mac and PC. Supports both USB-C and USB-A.
From their website:
The IOGEAR Video Capture Adapter supports USB video class (UVC) streaming devices such as digital video and still-image cameras, webcams and analog video converters for Plug-n-Play usability without a power supply. The Adapter requires no software or drivers and is ready to use with your computer. Record and stream 1080p video at 60Hz for clear HD quality video content captured from events, meetings, presentations and much more.


  • Capture high-quality audio/video up to 1080p @60Hz
  • Connect an HDMI-enabled video camera to a USB-C or A computer/tablet
  • Stream audio/video directly from connected camera
  • Supports USB Video Device UVC/UAC v1.1
  • No drivers or external power adapter required
  • Open Broadcast Software (OBS) support