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Updated Mar 9/21

RED Camera Swag


RED DSMC2 Men's T-Shirt
Men's M - $35 - special order
Men's L - $35 - limited stock
Men's XL - $35 - limited stock
Men's XXL - $35 - special order

Modern-cut, short sleeve RED T-Shirts are made from some of the softest 100% cotton sourced from the U.S. RED is boldly printed and outlined on the front of the shirt, with the DSMC2 skull positioned on the back. DSMC2 skull accents also adorn each shoulder, as well as the lower left side. Machine washable. For best results and long-lasting softness, hand wash or dry clean only.

RED Ripstop Hat
Grey - $35 - very limited stock
Black - $35 - in stock
Custom-designed for style and comfort, RED Ripstop Caps feature an embroidered RED logo. Reinforced with Nylon Ripstop, these hats are resistant to tearing and ripping. The snapback feature allows for an adjustable fit for days shooting on set—or casual everyday use.

RED Professional Logo Stickers
- Printed on vinyl in full color.
- Genuine 3M print process including lamination of each sticker.
- All stickers carry a 5-year 3M guarantee against fading or cracking.
- 100% weatherproof.

RED Professional Logo Sticker 6" - $14 - special order

RED One Metal Icon Logo - Reg $69 Sale $39 - very limited stock

The ‘RED ONE®’ Metal Icon Logo (90mm) is a RED-centric 90mm logo perfect for collectors or display. Adhesive backing allows you to place your icon wherever it sticks.