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Updated May 4/21

HDMI Splitters


IOGEAR 4K Ultra HD 2-Port Splitter with HDMI - $99 - in stock
Take high definition audio and video from a single HDMI source device and direct it to 2 separate UHD TVs, UHD displays or UHD projectors using IOGEAR's new 4K 2-Port HDMI Splitter. This HDMI splitter gives you the power to take any 4K Ultra High Definition or High Definition content from DVR / set-top boxes, game consoles, Blu-ray players, desktop computers, media servers and other standard HDMI devices and send it to 2 displays simultaneously while maintaining the highest levels of video and audio fidelity without signal loss. IOGEAR's 4K 2-Port HDMI Splitter is an ideal solution for multi-display applications in the home, office, classroom, digital signage, house of worship, sports bar or business setting.
* 4K Ultra HD Switching
* 1x 4K HDMI-In / 2x 4K HDMI-Out
* 3D and ARC Compatible
* High-Resolution Audio Support
* Supports 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution
* Supports frame rates up to 60 Hz
* HDCP 2.2, DTS Digital, and Dolby Digital audio compliant


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