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Updated June 29/21

Production Slates

Clapper Slate

Sobrante Professional Production Slate - $75 - special order

(SLT13) This is the industry standard for a long-lasting, hard working slate. The acrylic is rounded on all edges so it won't cut your hands. The 1" thick clapper sticks are painted in wrap-around B&W stripes. The bracket is tension-adjustable. There are magnets in the tips of the sticks to ensure a definite close. The board is screened with solvent-resistant ink - the printing will last. Uses a dry-erase marker. This slate measures 11" wide by 9 1/2" tall.

If taken care of properly, these clapper slates will last quite some time. Use DRY-ERASE markers on these slates. DO NOT USE PERMANENT MARKERS, such as Sharpies. Do not use china markers, pens, pencils or chalk. The manufcturer recommends Avery Marks-A-Lot Dry Erase markers. Some other brands will stain the board. If you're not sure, just test out the marker on the back of the board to see if it is suitable.