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Updated Mar 27/21

DSLR Camera Cages

PNC GearBox GB-2 Cage - $189 - call to check
The PNC GearBox was designed to provide mounting options for the growing number of accessories needed for todays small video camera shooter such as DSLRs. Two rubber coated handles allow comfortable hand held operation and are spread apart to stabilize hand-held shooting styles. The GearBox has been designed to be portable, modular, lightweight, and can be easily disassembled to take up minimal bag space when traveling. The PNC GearBox GB-2 features the GearBox cage, extension adapter, and GB-R 15mm rod adapters. With the 15mm rod adapters you can add even more accessories onto you setup such as a follow focus, matte box, and/or other 15mm rod accessories. Top handle not included.

PNC GB-T GearBox Top Handle - $45 - in stock
The foam padded handle is adjustable in height along several points on the vertical bracket and can be mounted in either forward or reverse. A perfect add-on for those great low angle shots or while transporting your GearBox to the scene.

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