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Updated Dec 1/23

Tripod Dollies

These dollies are meant for making it easier to move it around a floor - they are not "dollies" in the film sense. We do not recommend using these dollies during a shot - they transmit any bumps in the floor straight up to the tripod head.

We don't keep Manfrotto tripod dollies in stock, but they normally can be brought in 2 - 3 business days. Call to confirm pricing and availability

Manfrotto 127 Dolly - special order - usually takes a week
Designed for light and medium weight tripods such as the 190 or 055.

Manfrotto 127VS Dolly - special order - usually takes a week
Same as the 127 except variable spread to the legs. The more popular of the two.

Manfrotto 181B Black Dolly - special order - usually takes a week
Meant for heavier tripods with spiked feet, such as the 117,350MV, 351MV, 500MV, 520MV and 540ART.

Manfrotto 114 Dolly - special order - usually takes a week
Heavy duty and super sturdy designed for large tripods, such as the 117 or 132X.

Manfrotto 114MV Dolly - special order
Same as the 114 except can accept spiked tip tripods, such as the 350MV, 351 MV, 500MV, 520MV and 540ART.

Camgear Dolly S - $565 - special order
* Compatible with Camgear DV-6P, V10, V15P and similar tripod systems with spiked feet (including Manfrotto)
* Maximum load: 100 lbs
* Height: 17 cm
* Weight: 3.3 kg