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Updated Jan 12/22

Teradek Parts


Teradek (11-0810) Sony/Canon Dual Direct Mount Battery Adapter Plate - $135 - more in soon
This Battery Plate mounts directly onto any Bolt Transmitter and MOST Receivers. It is compatible with:
• Bolt 1000/3000 XT Transmitters
• Bolt 500 XT Transmitters and Receivers
• Bolt XT Sidekick
• All Bolt LT Models
Please Note: This battery plate will not work on Bolt 1000/3000 XT Receivers.

Teradek (11-0057) 18w 2-Pin LEMO AC Power Supply - $179 - in stock
Need to run your Bolt or Cube off AC power? Cable is 6' long, and comes with international plugs, so whether you are in Barcelona or Boston, you're good.

Bolt 1000 LT and 500 XT RX Gold/V-Mount Battery Plate - $259 - in stock
This Single (Female) Battery Plate from Teradek allows you to secure a V-Mount battery directly to Teradek Bolt 1000 LT, Sidekick XT and 500 XT Receivers and provide power internally. Machine Anondized, with 2 P-Tap outputs can provide power for additional accessories.
Part number: 11-0812


Teradek (11-0022) Replacement Wireless Antenna - $15 - in stock

Teradek (11-0021) Replacement Wireless Antenna for Bolt Pro 2000/3000 Transmitter - $40 - in stock

Teradek (11-0024) Replacement Wireless Antenna for Bolt Pro 600 TX/RX Transmitter - special order