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Updated July 18/24

Teradek Node Modem

Teradek NODE 4-Pin LEMO to USB Cable 11-0738 - $139 - in stock
4-pin circular connector cable on one end and a straight USB Type A on the other end.
It's primarily used to connect USB Modems with a Teradek Bond ([10-0657],[10-757],[10-0318]). Please be sure that your Teradek Bond has USB connectors and NOT 4-pin.

Teradek NODE Large Replacement Antenna 11-0025 - $49  - special order
Replacement Wide Band Whip Tilt SMA Mount Antenna for Teradek NODE Modems.

Node Modem Slim Slot Screw - $5 - in stock

Teradek NODE Modem
10-0020 - NODE Modem w/ 4 Pin LEMO to USB Cable (North American LTE Only) - $959 - special order
10-0020 - NODE Modem w/ 4 Pin LEMO to 4 Pin LEMO (For LINK PRO or BOND w/ 4 Pin LEMO In, North American LTE Only) - special order - call for pricing - takes 2 weeks

Node is a high performance 3G / 4G / LTE modem that provides exceptional connectivity and weather resistance compared to carrier-branded USB modems. With comprehensive data band support, Node can use any SIM card in regions around the world for cellular connectivity.

Node offers exceptional cellular connectivity over 4G LTE modems from major network carriers. With external high-gain antennas, Node gives you robust internet in the most challenging broadband environments.

Traditional USB modems are flimsy and are easily broken during extended use in the field. Node solves the durability problem with an aluminum chassis, ¼”-20 and 4-40 mounting options, and a 4-pin locking connector to attach to your Teradek device.

Choose between USB and 4-pin connectors to connect the Node modem to your Teradek device. 4-pin connectors offer weather resistance and a stronger link to your rig, allowing you to put the system through regular abuse without risking disconnection.

Node modems are compatible with any device that support USB modems. For Teradek devices, this includes:

• VidiU Go, VidiU Pro
• Link Pro, Link
• Bond Series
• Cube Series
• Slice Series
• T-Rax Series

What's In The Box?
• 2 x Antennas - Wide Band, whip tilt, SMA Mount
• 2 x Antennas - Wide Band,Penta Straight, SMA Mount
• 1 x Sim Card (Telna https://teradek.com/blogs/articles/faq-telna-sims-1)
• 1 x Sim Card Adapter
• 1 x 4-pin to USB 18 inch Cable
• 1 x Quick Start Guide