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Updated Mar 8/23

Sony Camera Cages

Tilta a7s III Full Camera Cage (Black) - $139 - in stock
Tilta a7s III Full Camera Cage (Grey) - $139 - call to check
This “full” camera cage provides complete protective armor for the Sony a7S III camera. It provides several 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points, two cold shoe mounting points, one rosette connection to allow you to attach various side handles, as well as an opening for a single 15mm rod. The base of the cage also provides several mounting holes when attaching your camera to gimbals to more easily fine tune the balance of your setup. A variety of different baseplates can be attached to the bottom of the cage, allowing for various rod mounting and optional power supply configurations.

Tilta a7s III HDMI Clamp (Tactical Grey) - $12 - in stock
(TA-T18-CC2) Attaches to the side of the cage with a single screw and a locking pin to clamp your HDMI cable connector and prevent it from accidental disconnection.

Tilta 15mm LWS Baseplate - Type II - $169 - special order

  • For Sony a7 Full and Half Tilta Cages
  • Integrated LWS 15mm Rod Clamps
  • Flat Gray Finish

SmallRig Master Kit for Sony a7s III Cage - $179 - in stock
(3009) SmallRig Master Kit for Sony A7S includes an aluminum full cage, an HDMI cable clamp, a thin NATO rail and a quick release NATO top handle. The camera cage features numerous 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting threads, a NATO rail, a cold shoe mount and ARRI-style mounts for accessories. The HDMI clamp attaches to the side of the cage using a 1/4"-20 screw and two anti-twist pins, which prevents the camera's HDMI cable from accidentally disconnecting. The NATO rail attaches to the top of the cage using two 1/4"-20 screws, and the top handle quickly mounts on the rail, providing a comfortable hand-holding point.

SmallRig Cage for Sony a7III/a7R III - $129 - in stock
( 2087) Built specifically for the Sony a7III or a7R III cameras. Cold Shoe mount on the top for accessories. Lots of 1/4-20 and 3/8" mounting holes, and a few Arri Locator Pin holes too. Optional accessories include a top handle and HDMI Clamp.

Small Rig Full Camera Cage for Sony A7 IV - $99 - in stock
(3667) Works with Sony A7 IV, A7s III and Alpha 1.

  • Maintains Access to Camera's Hot Shoe
  • 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Accessory Threads
  • Built-In Shoe Mount & NATO Rail
  • Integrated Arca-Type Base
  • 2 x Locking Side Plates
  • Durable Aluminum Construction

Small Rig Basic Camera Cage for Sony A7 IV - $179 - in stock
(3668) Works with Sony A7 IV, A7s III and Alpha 1. Kit includes top handle and HDMI cable clamp.

Tilta Sony A7 IV Full Cage Black - $99 - more in soon
(TA-T30-FCC-B) The Full Cage features several 3/8″-16 and 1/4”-20 threads with locating pins, cold shoe receivers, and a NATO Rail for Type IV and VI Side Handles. It also features an ARRI Compatible Rosette Connection as well as Rod Attachment Ports. The rosette is specifically designed for our Tiltaing Compact NATO Top Handle for more flexible operating and handling.

The Bottom Plate provides 1/4″-20 threads for attaching your camera to various quick release plates and is compatible with the Tiltaing 15mm LWS Baseplate Type IV.

The included Slotted Screwdriver allows you to quickly assemble or disassemble the cage and various accessories. It also conveniently attaches to the bottom of the cage for storage.

Tilta Compact NATO Handle TA-QRTH7-B Black - $55 - in stock
Attaches securely to Tilta Sony A7 IV Cage. Provides several 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points as well as one cold shoe mounting point on the front of the handle.