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Updated Nov 4/21


Wooden Camera Sony FS5 Handgrip Relocator (ARRI Rosette)
Reg $199 Sale $99 - limited stock
The hand grip relocator for Sony FS5 allows for the Sony control handle to be attached to an ARRI standard rosette and the kit includes a LANC extension cable plus cable wrap.

SmallRig (2192) Sony FS5 Handgrip Adapter with ARRI Rosette
Reg $110 Sale $19 - limited stock

  • Designed to convert the original Sony FS5 handgrip into standard Arri rosette
  • Anti-off designed to ensure safe
  • Features a mark on it to prevent installation error
  • Using a knob to lock it tightly and quick release your setup
  • Include a 2.5mm LANC extension cable which is 39" long extended

SmallRig 1896 Metabones Support for FS5 - $39 - Sale $19 - limited stock
Requires 1827 Baseplate.

SmallRig (1827) Baseplate with ARRI-Standard Rosettes for Sony FS5
Reg $179 Sale $89 - limited stock

Dedicated form-fitting baseplate for Sony PXW-FS5 camcorder. It can be mounted to the camcorder and quick release plate by the 1/4" and 3/8" screw on the bottom. It provides lightweight system for mounting any 15mm standard rod accessory. Rods are positioned to reach lens center, the 85mm standard distance allows you to mount follow focus or lens support conveniently. Comes with rubber pads on the top so that the Sony FS5 camera doesn't sit directly on the aluminum and also prevent slipping. Two rosettes on both sides allow you to relocate the handgrip and offer a variety of usage.

SmallRig 1831 FS5 Screen Mounting Clamp - $39 - special order
FS5 Screen Mounting Clamp.

SmallRig 1867 FS5 ARRI Rosette for Grip - $35 - special order

SmallRig 1835 LANC Cable for FS5 Male/Male - $25 - special order
Includes cover.

SmallRig (2038) ARRI-Standard Rosette for Sony FS5
Reg $49 Sale $19 - sold out

SmallRig (1831) Mounting 15mm Rod Clamp Adapter
Reg $39 Sale $19 - sold out
For Sony FS5 Camcorder LCD Screen.

  • Attaches to PXW-FS5 Top Handle
  • Relocate FS5 LCD Screen
  • Allows Mounting of More Accessories
  • 1/4"-20 Thumbscrew to Attach Mount
  • Compatible with 15mm Rod Clamps
  • Three Adapters Can Fit on the FS5 Handle
  • Extend 15mm Rod by Removing M12 Screw
  • Durable Aluminum Construction