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Video Gear on Sale

Find more RED camera equipment on sale here

Joby Smartphone Grips on sale here


P.C. Cables 18" FLexible HD-SDI BNC - Reg $19 Sale $10 - limited stock
Standard thickness, not super thin.

P.C. Cable 2 Pin Lemo to Right Angle to D-Tap - 18" - Reg $89 Sale $59 - limited stock


PNC GearBox GB-2 Universal Cage - Display Model on Sale $129
Includes Free Top Handle (worth $45)


Blackmagic URSA Mini SSD Recorder - Open Box on Sale $399


SmallRig VersaFrame Camera Cages on sale

SmallRig VersaFrame Small Cage - Display Model on Sale $59

SmallRig VersaFrame Medium - Display Model on Sale $69

Small Rig Arri Locator Side Handle - Reg $55 - Display Model on Sale $39

Kamerar Matte Box

Kamerar MAX-1 Matte Box
Reg $269 Display Model on Sale $169

Wooden Camera

Find Wooden Camera Ultralight products on sale here

Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro 4x5.65 (Swing Away)
Reg $679 - Display Model on Sale $399

Wooden Camera DSLR 15mm Base
(163000) - Reg $189 Sale $139 - limited stock

Wooden Camera Top Plate (C100, C300, C500) - Reg $209 Sale $169 - limited stock

Wooden Camera Shoe Handle Mount 161300 - Reg $59 Sale $29 - in stock
The Wooden Camera Shoe Handle Mount is designed to attach the original handles and LCD monitors of the Canon C100, C300, and C500 cameras onto various Wooden Camera products made for these cameras, such as the Top Plate for C100/C300/C500. You can also attach on-camera lights, microphone shock mounts, flashes, and other accessories, and a 1/4" thread at the center will let you attach articulating arms. The mount screws into two holes up to 18mm apart lengthwise and two holes between 33mm and 36mm widthwise. Two screws come included.


Shape Off Set Rail Bloc
Display Model on Sale $99

Shape B15C300 Baseplate
Display Model on Sale $159

Shape Matte Box 4x5.6
Reg $849 Display Model on Sale $399


Tilta Single Sided Cine Follow Focus
Display Model on Sale $999

Tilta ES-T27-A Cage
Sony a6300/a6500 - Sale $388 - limited stock

Tilta FF-T03 & BS-T05-S Lightweight Follow Focus Kit
Reg $909 Sale $739 - limited stock


Manfrotto Sympla Universal Mount - Sale $29 - limited stock
Multi-purpose self-hanging clamp that slides along rails and locks in position with a single locking lever. Because it's self supporting even when unlocked, it stays safely attached to the rails at all times.

Manfrotto MVR911ECCN SYMPLA Clamp-On Remote Control for Canon DSLRs
Display Model on Sale $99

Batteries & Power Accessories

Find Batteries and Power Accessories on sale here


Syrp Car Charger - $69 Sale $39 - limited stock
The Syrp car charger keeps your Genie charged while you're on the move! Whether you've forgotten to charge the Genie for your shoot the next day or you're driving between locations the car charger will ensure your Genie is ready to go.


DVX100 Series Lens Adapters - Bundle of 4 Display Models on Sale - $99
* Century Optics Fisheye
* Century Optics .7x Zoom through
* Century .6x Non-Zoom Through
* 16x9 1.5x TelePhoto