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Lighting Equipment on Sale

Find lighting Bags here


Rosco Color Correction (Sampler Kit) - Reg $42 Sale $36 - limited stock
16 sheets of 12" x 12" Light Correction Filters. This kit permits the color correction of virtually all mixed-light sources and includes a range of blue and amber balancing filters along with a selection of green and magenta color compensating filters.


Aurora Lite Disk
39" White-Silver Reflector - Reg$39 - Sale $33 - limited stock

Aurora Lite Disk
42 " Multi Disk Reflector - Reg $99 - Sale $59 - limited stock
5 in 1: White, Black, Silver, Gold and Diffusion.

Light Stands

Promaster LST Travel Stand
Display model $59


Fabric backdrops on Sale

Photoflex Muslin Backdrop Black
10x12' Black - Reg $129 Sale $69 - limited stock

Photoflex Muslin Backdrop White
10x12' White - Reg $129 Sale $69 - limited stock
10x20' White - Reg $169 Sale $89 - limited stock

Photoflex Muslin Backdrop Chroma Key Green
10x20' Chroma Key Green - Reg $179 Sale $99 - limited stock
* Useful for Studio and Location Work

Flash Diffusers

Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal System Cloud
Display Model $36

Ring Lights

F&V R-300 SE Ring Light
Demo Bundle - Reg $589 - Sale $489

R-300 Se + Milk White Diffuser + Soft Box Kit + AC Adapter

Rotolight AEOS v2
Reg $1299 - Display Model $799

Nanguang Venus V29C Bi-Color LED Ring Light
Sale $188 - limited stock

On Camera Lights

Lumahawk LMX-LD80B - Reg $79 Sale $48 - limited stock

Studio Lights

ProMaster LED1000B Bi-Color LED Light
Display Model on Sale $249

Litepanels Caliber - Single Light Kit (909-1002)
Sale $325 - limited stock

Ledgo LG-1200 LED Kit w/Light Stand
Display Model on Sale $599

Nanguang CN-D500T
Sale $349 - limited stock

Nanguang CN-600SA Daylight 5600K LED Light
Sale $349 - limited stock

iKan Lyra LB5 BiColor
Display Model on Sale $449

iKan Lyra LW10 Daylight
Reg $969 Display Model on Sale $679

iKan Lyra LB10 BiColor 2 Light Kit
Reg $2159 Sale $1799 - limited stock
Includes light stands for each light, light case, and stand case.

iKan Canvas Round Bi-Colour 2800K-6500K Bendable LED Panel
Reg $539 Sale $439 - limited stock

Lumiere Mini Switch Full Kit w/DOP Choice Items
Reg $3535 Display Model on Sale $2399

uLite Reflector Light - SALE $49 - limited quantities


Litepanels Sola ENG/Croma/Luma D-Tap Power Cable - Open Box $69
D-Tap Power Cable for Sola ENG (2nd Gen w/ Red DC Coupler), Croma and Luma. Not compatible with Caliber. Not compatible with original Sola ENG w/ Integrated PowerTap Cable.


Chimera Standard Ring for Strobe Visatec/Broncolor #2085 - Reg $119 Sale $49 - limited stock
Made out of tough plastic, these are the most economical way to attachChimera soft boxes to strobe lights.

Chimera Pro Stand Adapter #3700 - Sale $30 - limited stock