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Computer Equipment On Sale

FirmTek SeriTek Q6G - Reg $239 Sale $179 - limited stock
Have a free PCIe slot and need 4 eSATA external ports? This high performance 4 port PCIe card supports port-multiplication and 6G SATA. Also can work in
Thunderbolt Expansion boxes, from such companies as FirmTek, Sonnet and Magma. Is Mac OS X Bootable, which means you can install an OS on an
external drive and boot from it. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, and Windows 7/8. Warranty - one year.

Sonnet RackMac Pro
Reg $749 DV Shop Special $679 - limited stock

Sonnet xMac Pro Server
Reg $1879 DV Special $1649 - limited stock

Blackmagic Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt
Reg $359 Sale $309 - limited stock

Blackmagic Mini Converter SDI Multiplex
Open Box Special $399

AJA Mini Converters on Sale

AJA HD5DA - SALE $249 - limited stock
1x4 HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier / Repeater with DWP Power Supply

AJA Hi 5 SDI to HMDI - SALE $389 - limited stock
Includes DWP Power Supply.

AJA HD10DA SDI Distribution - SALE $399 - limited stock
Includes Power Supply.

Bella Windows Shortcut Keyboards for Avid
Sale $48 - limited stock

j5create JUA310 VGA USB 3.0 Display Adapter
Reg $79 Sale $49 - limited stock

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Audio on Sale