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Computer Equipment On Sale

Find more peripherals for video production here


Blackmagic Video Hub Master Control - Sale $849 - while stock lasts
When you need to access your whole router without sacrificing speed, then Videohub Master Control lets you scroll your router sources and destinations with the easy to use spin knob control or via direct button entry. You can even see all routes on the beautiful LCD! Powers via DC or the Ethernet connection!

Blackmagic Mini Converter SDI Multiplex
Open Box Special $399


HighPoint RocketRaid eSata for Mac - Sale $39 - limited stock
Dual eSata Port PCI-Express X4 RAID Controller.


FirmTek SeriTek Q6G - Sale $159 - limited stock
Have a free PCIe slot and need 4 eSATA external ports? This high performance 4 port PCIe card supports port-multiplication and 6G SATA. Also can work in Thunderbolt Expansion boxes, from such companies as FirmTek, Sonnet and Magma. Is Mac OS X Bootable, which means you can install an OS on an external drive and boot from it. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, and Windows 7/8. Warranty - one year.


Matrox Multi Ingest 4-Channel 3G/HD/SD Input Card - Open Box Sale $899
Single-slot, ¾ length PCI-e x8 card fits into Mac Pros and Apple Xserve systems
* Video inputs: up to four multi-rate 3G/HD/SD SDI or two 3G level B, or two Dual Link, or two video + key
* 10-bit hardware scaling engine supports up to four HD streams or eight SD streams
* 16 embedded audio I/O channels per SDI stream
* 4 unbalanced analog audio channels for monitoring
* Support for SDI ancillary data – ATC, AFD, CC
* Analog blackburst reference input (tri-level or bi-level) with loopthrough
* Auto-detection of input video resolutions
* One analog LTC input
* RS-422 port for device control


Sonnet RackMac Pro
DV Shop Special $679 - limited stock

Sonnet Tempo SATA Pro 6 Gb ExpressCard/34 Expansion Card - Sale $69 - in stock


AJA Mini Converters on Sale

AJA Hi 5 SDI to HMDI - SALE $389 - limited stock
Includes DWP Power Supply.

Switronix AJA Converter Cable - XP-AJA-5 - Sale $109 - limited stock
Let's you power selected AJA devices off P-Tap that require 5v. Fully compatible with AJA Mini Converters. Also has a female P-Tap (12v) on the
side to power other accessories. Cable Length - 24"

Editing Keyboards

Bella Windows Shortcut Keyboards for Avid
Display Model on Sale $48
Works with Windows. Also works with Apple but the command and option keys are reversed and can be annoying when you try to do your usual Apple "command" + "S" to save.