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Updated Dec 23/21


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RED DSMC AC Power Adaptor Pack - $210 - more in soon

(790-0638) The DSMC AC Power Adaptor 150W allows you to power your DSMC® or DSMC2® camera directly from a wall outlet or other power source. A 6-Pin 1B LEMO connector attaches and locks into the DC IN port on your camera BRAIN® or module. This power adaptor can also be used to power the camera or charge batteries using the DSMC2 REDVOLT® XL Module or REDVOLT XL Module. An IEC (AC) power cable and a Mini World Travel Adaptor Kit are included. NOTE: The DSMC AC Power Adaptor is included with all camera purchases.


RED Brick (153WH) - special order - takes up to 2 weeks

RED BRICKs provide long term battery power for your RED ONE, DSMC, or DSMC2 camera. RED BRICK batteries can be fastened to V-Mount battery plates, belt clips, and other accessories. Ideal for shooting on the go, RED BRICKs provide long lasting power support for any shoot. Compatible with RED One, Epic/Scarlet M-X, Epic/Scarlet Dragon, Raven, Scarlet-W, Epic-W, Gemini, Weapon 6K/8K, and Weapon Monstro 8K.

RED Brick Charger - special order

The RED BRICK® Charger is portable and lightweight, allowing you to sequentially charge 2x RED BRICK or REDVOLT-V batteries anywhere there is a standard power outlet. AC power cable included.

NOTE: In order to power a RED ONE® with the RED BRICK Charger, you must also have a RED ONE DC Power Cable (10’)

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