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Updated Jan 15/22

RED V-Raptor

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RED PRO 660GB CFexpress Type B - $1249 - in stock
Specifically designed for the RED V-Raptor.
Data Rates: V-RAPTOR ST 8K up to 800 MB/s​

Designed in collaboration with Angelbird Technologies to specifically to meet the high-performance needs of the V-RAPTOR system and 8K acquisition, the RED® PRO CFexpress 660GB and 1.3TB are the official certified media cards for the V-RAPTOR™ camera system. The media is CFexpress™ 2.0 Type B compliant and and supports precision recording of high bit-rate files with industrial-grade performance and durability extended through the capacity of the card.. Angelbird provides free data recovery services for these cards on both hard- and software. All first party officially certified media has undergone extensive and rigorous testing to ensure optimized performance and reliability.

NOTE: RED PRO CFexpress is not compatible with DSMC®, DSMC2®, RED RANGER® or KOMODO® camera systems.

NOTE: For media issues or troubleshooting, please visit www.angelbird.com/support

RED PRO CFexpress comes with a 3-year warranty supported by Angelbird Technologies GmbH.