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Tangent Ripple Colour Correction Panel - special order - call for pricing
Ripple provides the essential 3 trackerballs that speed up primary grading. Its small desk foot-print means it will sit comfortably beside your keyboard and mouse, and it won't get in the way when you're not using it. Like all the panels from Tangent, it's supported by Mapper software which means you can customise what the controls do with any software that supports the Mapper. Ripple is already compatible with any grading software that uses the Tangent Hub (Resolve, Nucoda, SCRATCH, SpeedGrade etc). You can also use the Ripple with the other panels from the Element range, including the element-Vs tablet app, so you can easily expand its functionality.
* 3 trackerballs with dials for masters.
* High resolution optical pick-ups for the balls and dials.
* Independent reset buttons for the balls and dials.
* Programmable A and B buttons.
* USB powered with integral cable.
* Light-weight compact size (desk foot print 325mm x 148mm).

Tangent Element TK Panel - special order - call for pricing
The Tk panel has three programmable trackerballs and three programmable rings atop the balls. It has separate reset buttons for each ball and ring, and two buttons to program functions like ALT and Shift into. The trackerballs and rings work by optical laser pickup for high-precision and extended life. The trackerballs can be removed for cleaning, and they can be reinstalled quite easily.


* For DaVinci Resolve / SCRATCH / and More
* Replaces Keyboard and Mouse
* Programmable / Reprogrammable Controls
* Laser Pickup Trackerballs and Rings
* Tactile Response Buttons
* Display Labels What Each Control Does
* Desk Footprint of Only 7.9 Inches Deep
* Connects Plug-and-Play by USB Cable
* Magnetically Attaches to More Panels
* Precision Laser-Cut Solid Aluminum

Tangent Element Bundle - call for pricing and availability
Get the entire Tangent Element package - Tk, Mf, Kb and Bt panels.

Tangent Mf Panel - call for pricing and availability

Tangent Kb Panel - call for pricing and availability

Tangent Bt Panel - call for pricing and availability

Tangent Wave Panel - call for pricing and availability

The Wave Panel from Tangent is designed to incorporate the features and functionality of Tangent's CP100 and CP200 series panels in an equally useful but more economical package. This compact unit features custom trackerballs that use non-contacting optical pickups and easy-to-read cool-blue OLED displays. Numerous control interfaces include control knobs, label buttons, function buttons, master dials, and transport controls.

• Video Control Panel
• Augment your favorite video-editing software package with this panel.
• Interface The unit's controls have been designed to provide an intuitive interface that meets your needs and facilitates your workflow.
• Trackerballs Controls Knobs Label
• Buttons Function
• Buttons Master Dials
• Transport Controls
• OLED Display

Displays 3 x cool-blue OLED displays. Each display is 5 lines high and 32 characters wide. For soft labelling the controls and providing feedback.

Soft Label Parameter Control Knobs 9 x continuous rotation encoders with integral push button for reset. Soft Label Buttons 9 x buttons. Function Buttons 9 x Function buttons labelled F1 to F9. For fast access to frequently used functions.

Master Dials 3 x continuous rotation encoders. For Master lift, gamma and gain controls Trackerballs 3 x non contacting optical pickup trackerballs. For differential lift, gamma and gain controls.

Transport Controls 1 x continuous rotation encoder. For jog/shuttle functions. 5 x buttons labelled with typical transport functions.