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Updated Dec 11/21

Panasonic EVA1 Accessories

Zacuto EVA1 Z-Finder - special order

The Zacuto EVA1 Z-Finder is specifically designed to suit the shape and size of the monitor included with the Panasonic EVA1 camera. The EVA1 Z-Finder comes with a flip up frame designed to slide onto the EVA1 LCD and lock securely in place. The Zacuto Z-Finder will pop on and off the frame for quick shooting. The red lever at the bottom of the frame allows you to quickly flip the Z-Finder up without removing it from the frame. If a producer/client/director etc. wants to see into the viewfinder, you can flip it open instead of having to adjust so they can get their eye to the loupe. You can also pop off the Z-Finder and use the EVA1 LCD as a monitor.

This Z-Finder will magnify the LCD screen by 1.8x and has a diopter for specific focus tuning. It cuts out any extraneous light and offers an initial point of stability by pressing your eye against our comfy, large eyecup. The EVA1 Z-finder comes with a 40mm diameter Zacuto optical designed lens, anti-fog coated protective covers, and the mounting system designed specifically for the EVA1 LCD. The diopter allows you to dial in the focus to match your eye. If you need extra focal points you can use the included Z-Finder Extender Frames. These are semi-permanent stackable frames that attach to the body of the Z-Finder and extend the Z-Finder glass further away from the LCD screen for people who are farsighted. The diopter range with the included lens and extender frames is -4.0 to 0.0.

If you need more adjustment than the Extender Frames provide, you can add drop in diopters for further diopter adjustment. The interchangeable anti-fog diopters, -1, +1, +2, +3 and +4, correct the focus to your vision for perfect clarity. An aluminum sun mask is built into the Z-Finder to protect your LCD screen from sunlight. Drop in diopters install underneath this aluminum sun mask.

The EVA1 flip up has a 15mm rod mount to attach to Panasonic's mount or to the Zacuto EVA1 top plate with Z-Rail Axis Mount. It can also be used with the Axis Mini EVF Mount with the addition of the LCD Axis Adapter. The wide range of adjustment allows for you to place the Z-Finder in a comfortable place for shoulder mounted shooting!

EVA1 Z-Finder loupe with 1.8x magnification and diopter wheel
Two (2) Extender Frames
EVA1 flip up mounting frame with rod mount
3" Rod
Lens Cap, Sun Mask, and protective boot
Z-Finder Dust Cover

Shape EVAB15 - $309 - special order
* Features a pair of 15mm rods that are 12” long through the length of the baseplate;
* Attaches underneath the camera with 3/8-16 and ¼-20 screws;
* 4 points attachment to strongly secure the camera and  for tripod plate attachment (3 x ¼-20 and 1x 3/8-16);
* Ratchet key knobs to reposition the rod bloc system;
* 15mm LW Rod System designed to respect the AU-EVA1 optical center;
* 4 rubber pads at the top of the base to protect and securely sit your AU-EVA1 Camera;
* Quickly unscrew the bottom section of the Baseplate with an Allen Key and you will obtain an Adapter Plate featuring several ¼-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes, perfect to optimize your AU-EVA1 camera balance on a Tripod, Gimbal or Drone;
* The Allen Key is easily accessible and securely magnet-fixed at the bottom of the Baseplate.

Shape EVA HVF - $659 - special order - usually takes 2 - 3 days
Extendable & Sophisticated Top Handle
The handle grip frame is made from robust CNC machined aluminum and the finger grip is made from genuine Canadian maple wood for maximum comfort. You can quickly adjust and lock the handle length for an extension of approximately 3 inches from its original position in order to optimize the balance of your camera to your lens type.
Featuring Attachments of the Top Handle:
* A ‘15 mm Rod Clamp’ (15CTH) can be mounted in the front section of the Top Handle, allowing you to attach our ‘15mm Push Button View Finder Bracket Arm’ or any other 15mm LW stud;
* Several threaded holes to optimize your rig with our ‘ REVOLT Push Button Magic Arm Series’, designed to attach and manipulate your camera monitor or other camera accessories;
* (4) Four ¼-20 threaded holes (Front). Perfect for more attachment options.
* (2) Two Hot Shoe Brackets (Front and Back of Handle).
View Finder Bracket Arm with Push-button Technology
The View Finder Bracket Arm can quickly be mounted to the Panasonic AU-EVA1 Top Plate with the help of a Ratchet Knob. The position of the View finder can also be adjusted to your need with the help of the ratchet knob system and our patented Push Button Technology (nothing to unscrew - Push, adjust, release, and then its lock).
AU-EVA1 Top Plate
Lightweight and robust CNC machined aluminum plate designed to support and facilitate the manipulation of your Panasonic AU-EVA1. The top plate offers an array of 1/4" and 3/8" threads which can be used to attach options around the camera, for example, our top handle and EVF mount bracket (also compatible with Panasonic’s AU-EVA1 original top handle).
 Attachment Features of the Top Plate:
* Several ¼-20 threaded holes on top and side of the plate (Cheese Plate Style).
* Several 3/8-16 threaded holes on top and side of the plate (Cheese Plate Style).

Shape EVALWGT - $898 - special order - usually takes 2 - 3 days
Baseplate and handle combo kit.

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