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Tilta 15mm LWS Support For Tilta Mirage - $39 - in stock

  • Mount the Mirage Matte Box to 15mm Rods
  • Dual Rod Support
  • Locating Pins prevent rotation of the matte box

Vaxis VFX Blue V-Streak Filter - $80 - in stock
Creates the kind of lens flare produced by anamorphic cinema lenses. Compatible with the Tilta Mirage matte box, the filter creates streaks from light point sources for a dramatic effect.

Vaxis VFX 1/4 Black Mist Filter - $85 - in stock
Creates a soft quality of light with reduced highlights and lower contrast.

Vaxis VFX 1/8 Black Mist Filter - $85 - in stock
Creates a soft quality of light with reduced highlights and lower contrast.

Vaxis VFX IRND 0.9 Filter - $75 - in stock
Offers true color reproduction with no loss of sharpness, darkening the entire image to allow for creative choices with aperture for depth of field and shutter speed for capturing movement. Its full spectrum coverage features a 99.8% cutoff rate for infrared ultraviolet light. Made of K95 optical glass with double-sided 12-layer coating.

Tilta 95mm Circular Polarizer for Mirage Matte Box - $219 - in stock

  • Wireless Control via Optional Motor
  • Fits Lenses with 95mm Front Diameter
  • Helps to Eliminate Reflections and Glare
  • Reduces Haze in Landscapes
  • Greater Color and Tonal Saturation

Tilta 95mm Variable ND Filter - $300 - in stock
(MB-T16-VND) The 95mm VND Filter that is compatible with the Mirage Matte box. Reduces the exposure by 1 - 9 stops. If you buy just the base Mirage matte box, this allows you to add the VND filter that comes with the kits. It slides into the Mirage matte box and can be adjusted manually with the gear on the top corner. Can also be attached onto a 95mm lens with the optional Lightweight Filter Clamp-On Adapter (MB-T16-LFA).

Tilta LightWeight Filter Clamp-On Adapter - $40 - in stock
(MB-T16-LFA) Let's you attach the Tilta VND or Circular Polarizer filters onto a 95mm diameter cine lens without using the Mirage matte box. This clamp-on adapter attaches to the outside diameter of the lens, and then you attach the Tilta 95mm filters to it. Lens must have an outside diameter of 95mm.

Tilta Dual Circular Filter Tray for Mirage Matte Box - $55 - in stock
(MB-T16-DCF) This removable tray allows you to mount either a single or two 95mm circular filters into the Mirage Matte Box. You get one of these with your Mirage Matte Box. This can be a replacement, in case you lose it, or you can use it to put filters in ahead of time, to save you time and effort inserting filters into the one tray you already own. NOTE - This is not compatible with the Lightweight Filter Clamp-On Adapter (MB-T16-LFA).

Tilta Filter Protection Cover for Mirage - $28 - in stock
(MB-T16-FPC) Compatible with the Tilta 95mm Circ Pola filter and 95mm VND filter. This kit includes both a front and back cover. Protects your filters when they are loose, or when they are attached directly to the lens (and not in the Mirage Matte Box) with the Lightweight Filter Clamp On Adapter.

Tilta Stackable Circular Filter Tray (95mm) for Mirage Matte Box - $79 - in stock

  • Accepts 95mm Circular Filters
  • Stack to Utilize Multiple Filters
  • Designed for Tilta Mirage Matte Box
  • Replaces Rubber Hood of Matte Box
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Reposition Flag from Matte Box to Filter


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