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Light Stands, Accessories

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ProMaster LS-CT Compact Travel Light Stand - $99 - in stock
(5223) The ProMaster LS-CT Compact Travel Light Stand is a truly innovative retake on the traditional light stand. At 16", the LS-CT comes in at about half the size of other stands, yet offers greater stability and versatility. Designed for lighting, the LS-CT is sturdy enough to mount cameras, video equipment, microphones and reflectors–up to 6.6 lbs of equipment–even when fully extended to over 6'. Warranty - 1 year.

Max Height: 6'3''/190 cm
Folded Length: 16"/41cm
Max Load: 6 lbs/3 kg

ProMaster LS-1 (n) Light Stand - $29 - in stock
A lightweight, small lighting stand for smaller lights or speedlights. Standard Mounting Stud with 1/4-20 screw. Warranty - 1 year.
Max Height: 6'7"/200cm
Folded Length: 27.5"/70cm
Max Load: 3 lbs/1.5kg

ProMaster LS-2 (n) Light Stand - $59 - in stock
The ProMaster LS2 (n) Light Stand is a medium duty light stand. With the 9' maximum working height is is perfect for most studio applications. The LS2 features a multi-position mounting stud allowing for flexible mounting positions for your light. The quick release mounting stud, with both 1/4 and 3/8 screw threads, lets you easily and quickly change the lights in your setup. A good, sturdy all purpose light stand that can take some weight.
Warranty - 1 year.

Max Height: 9'/280 cm
Folded Length: 40"/100 cm
Max Load: 8 lbs/4 kg

NanLite LS-170 Light Stand - $25 - in stock
This lightweight stand will hold an impressive 5kg of lighting. Studio foot, height: 70 - 170 cm.

Nanlite LS-288 Light Stand - $49 - in stock
Light Stand with 5/8 and 1/4-20 receiver is a black anodized aluminum stand. It is perfect for use in a studios shooting motion or stills. Height Range - 120 - 255 cm (47 - 100") / 15kg (33 lbs) Max Payload.

Manfrotto 1004BAC Light Stand - $199 - in stock
12' Air Cushioned Aluminum Master Light Stand with 4 Sections and 3 Risers. With the patented Quick Stack System (QSS), portability is the key feature. Clip the stands together and save a lot of room in the studio, or carry them in a compact case to easily bring them with you for outdoor shooting. When you need tall and heavy duty.

Max Height: 12'/366 cm
Folded Length: 42"/107 cm
Max Load: 19.8 lbs/9 kg

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