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Updated Sept 9/20

Reflectors & Reflector Kits

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Aurora Lite Bank LD100 39" Silver/White Reflector - $49 - special order
* Dual-Sided, White/Silver
* Double-Riveted Spring Steel Frame
* Includes Carry Bag

Kamerar 5-in-1 Grip Reflector - $59 - more in soon
This reflector is a 5-in-1, with reversible surfaces (White, Silver, Gold, Black), and a diffusion disc inside. Dimensions are 29" x 30". Hand grip makes holding it easier. Unique to this reflector is the 1/4-20 screw mount in the handle, so you can mount it to tripod or anything that has a 1/4-20 screw for hands-free use. Comes with a carrying case. Warranty - 1 Year.

Rogue 32" Super Soft Silver/White Reflector - $40 - more in soon
Rogue has done a different take on the traditional Silver reflector, using a softer material that is more flattering and less harsh than traditional silver reflectors. It avoids hot spots common with shiny silver reflectors. The white side produces a softer and more subtle fill than the silver, and is a better material that produces a more neutral look, avoiding the bluish tint that some cheaper white reflectors provide.

Rogue 20" x 40 " Super Soft Silver/White Reflector - $40 - in stock
* Collapsible, Reversible
* Folds Down to 12" Diameter for Transport
* Soft Silver: Low Contrast, No Hot Spot
* Natural White Side for Neutral Color

ProMaster Illuminator Reflector Arm - $65 - in stock
The ProMaster 5151 Illuminator Arm  is a tool for holding many types of reflectors, boards, and backgrounds. It can can be mounted to a light stand either by its sliding center collar, or by its brass 5/8" end spigot. A tilting / swivel mount is included so the Illuminator Arm can be adjusted and maneuvered easily. The strong, large spring clips can be moved along the arm to various positions, allowing them to hold a range of different sized reflectors and backgrounds. The Illuminator Arm works with pop-up reflectors & backgrounds, foam boards, and cloth backdrops.
Maximum Extended Length: 67 1/2" / 171.5 cm
Minimum Length: 27 3/4" / 70.5 cm

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