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Updated Dec 17/21

Nanlite Litolite 8F

Nanlite Litolite 8F 5600K LED Fresnel - $179 - on back-order
(AC power supply is not included) NanLite LitoLite 8F Focusable LED Fresnel. A compact, daylight balanced 8w LED light for use on a camera or tripod, which features flood and spotlight adjustment from 10-60 degrees, 0 to 100% dimming, a maximum output of 560 lumens (4790 Lux Spot, 646 Lux Flood @ 1m 5600K), and an integrated filter holder for up to three 65x70mm filters. Powered by either AC adapter (sold separately), Sony NP-F style batteries (sold separately), or 6x AA batteries via an included adapter (AA batteries sold separately). Included with the light is warming (3200K) and cooling (6500K) filters, as well as, barn doors and a carry case.

NanLite AC Power - $19 - in stock
Optional AC power supply for LumiPad 11, MixPad 11 or Litolite 8F.

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