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Updated Mar 20/2017

Camera Lights for Video

Scroll down to see all available options. We have display models for testing in the store.

Lumahawk LMX-LD80B - $79 - limited stock
Well-priced, small profile, lightweight, dimmable video light from lumaHawk. 80 Bright white LEDs. Powered with AA batteries. Comes with a tungsten and a diffusion filter. Illuminance 2020 lux/50cm. Tungsten-wattage equivalence 80 W. Colour Temperature Daylight 5600K. Width cm (in) 9.5 (3.7) /Height cm (in) 8.5 (3.30) /Depth cm (in) 3 (1.2) - Weight kg (lbs) 0.13(.3)


Ledgo LG-E116C LED Camera Light - $199 - in stock
Professional digital display screen to show colour temperature, address code and power level. Bi-colour: from 3200K to 5600K. High CRI: Ra 95. Includes F770 Battery and Charger.


Lumahawk LMX-LD170DS - $299 - Display Model on Sale $199
A high quality BiColour LED with adjustable colour temperature (3200K to 5600K), and dimmable output (10-100%). Runs off a single Sony L-style battery (one battery is included) or AC power. The included barn doors allows you to control the light output to avoid spillage. What's Included - light, barn doors, F550 battery, battery charger, AC power adapter, car cigarette lighter adapter, ball head, and case. Warranty - 1 Year Canadian warranty.

VidPro Pro Video & DSLR LED Light Kit - $219 - in stock
The Vidpro LED-144 Camcorder DSLR Light Kit is an on-camera LED light that's 5.5 x 3.5" in size and features 144 warm-to-the-touch LED bulbs. A ball mount is included for mounting the light onto your camera, and is adjustable to rotate in various directions. A dial on the back of the light lets you select between different color temperatures from 5600K daylight to 3200K tungsten, and another dial lets you set brightness from 100 - 10%. For smoothing out contrast and reducing shadows, a white diffuser is supplied that snaps onto the light magnetically and serves to soften and spread out the light output. Snap-on diffuser Magnetic filter system.
Dimensions - 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.5


VidPro Bi-Colour LED-312 Light Kit - $339 - in stock
Kit includes a camera-top, dimmable Bi-Colour LED light with all the necessary accessories. Rotary dials select between 5600-3200K color and 100-10% brightness. A soft white diffuser snaps on by magnetic mount system to soften the light. Runs off included rechargeable batteries or AC power supply and is compatible with Sony L Series video batteries. Also includes: Dual Bay Battery Charger, DC Car Charger, Adjustable Ball Mount, Magnetic Snap-On Diffuser, Nylon Carrying Case. Size: 7.5 x 4.5"/Weight: Light with battery: 1.2 lbs (.5 kg)


LitePanels Sola Eng Ver 1 - sold out
D-Tap power or AC Powered LED Light.
* About as bright as a 250w tungsten light but thanks to its LED tech, it draws a minimal 30w. It's also fairly cool to handle, so you won't burn yourself trying to dim or focus it while looking through your eye-piece.
* It's daylight-balanced, but ships with a tungsten filter (along with diffusion) for indoor use.
* You can focus the Sola's fresnel lens from 10 to 70 degrees, without taking your eye from the camera's eye piece. Just reach up there, and twist the big rubber ring that's around the middle of the light. 
* You can dim the Sola from 100% to zero without a noticeable color shift. Just twist the smaller dimmer ring on the back of the light — again, without having to look away from your eye piece.
* It draws power from a D-tap, so no need to worry about charging batteries, or extra battery weight (provided you use it on or near the camera).
* Includes barn doors, d-tap cable, Tungsten filter, diffusion filter, AC power adapter, carrying case.


ProMaster 578B Ultrasoft Bi-Color LED Light - $199 - special order
Ultrasoft illumination has no hot spots. GIves a fattering glow to photos and videos including portraits and macro. Output Power: 200 lux at 3'/1m. Output Adjustment 10-100%. Colour temp: 3200K - 5600K +/- 200K. Color Accuracy: CRI 90+. Runs off Sony NP-F type. Dimensions: 7 13/16" x 5 15/16" x 1" (excluding cold foot & battery). Kit includes a wireless remote, cold foot for camera top mounting, battery and charger, ac adapter.

F&V Ring Lights

FV-MWD Milk White Diffuser for Z96 - Reg $29 Sale $19 - in stock