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Updated Apr 23/24

Background Stands & Fabric Backdrops

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ProMaster Portable Background Stand - $179 - in stock
A good, solid background kit that comes with 2 x Heavy duty stands (maximum height 10.6'), and a 2 Piece Telescopic background support bar (maximum width 12'). Hang your muslin or paper backdrops with ease. Includes carrying/storage case. Warranty - 1 year.

Maximum Width: 12'/ 365 cm
Maximum Height: 10'5"/306 cm
Minimum Width: 5'/152 cm
Transport Length: 35"/89cm
Kit Weight: 13 lbs/6 kg

Manfrotto 272B Adjustable Background Holder Crossbar - $125 - special order
(does not include light stand supports, is just a crossbar)
Manfrotto Black Adjustable Background Holder Crossbar for 9' paper or fabric backdrop. 3 section telescopic background pole for paper widths. Attachment: type 25; color: black; 3 sections; maximum extension: 117.32 in; minimum extension: 44.09 in.; weight: 0.55 lbs. Double attachment type - 5/8" female sockets attach to 2 light stands, one on each end.