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Updated Nov 25/21

Tilta Nucleus-M Accessories

Tilta Nucleus-M Run/Stop Cables
Note: Motors require power which is not supplied from run/stop cables.

Arri Alexa Mini EXT Run/Stop (RS-02-AM) - $80 - currently unavailable due to quality control issues
Arri Alexa Mini 3pin to 7pin Motor Power Cable +R/S Control Function (RS-03-AM) - $80 - currently unavailable

Canon C200/C300 (RS-01-CNC) - $80 - in stock

Fuji X-T3 Run/Stop Cable - $80 - in stock

Panasonic GH4/5 Run Stop - $80 - in stock

RED DSMC2 (RS-02-RD) - $80 - in stock
RED DSMC1 (RS-03-RD) - $80 - in stock
RED KOMODO (RS-01-RD4) - $55 - in stock

Sony A7/A6XXX/A9 Mirrorless (RS-02-SY) - $80 - in stock

LANC for Sony FS5/FS7, BMD URSA Mini (RS-01-LANC) - $80 - in stock

USB-C Run/Stop (RS-01-USBC) - $80

Tilta Nucleus-M 7-pin to 7-pin Motor Cable
18cm (WLC-T03-7P-S-18) - $109 - in stock
55cm (WLC-T03-7P-S-55)- $109 - in stock

CineCrew 7-Pin Lemo to 7-Pin Lemo 14" - $129 - special order

Tilta Nucleus M Power Cables

Tilta 60cm (WLC-T03-PTAP-7P) P-Tap to 7 Pin Cable - $109 - more in soon
This P-tap to 7-pin cable for the Nucleus-M allows you to power the motors from a P-tap power output port. Simply plug this cable into one of the motors and then daisy chain power to the other motors using the Nucleus-M 7-pin to 7-pin power cables.

CineCrew D-Tap to 7-Pin Lemo 12" - $89 - in stock
CineCrew D-Tap to 7-Pin Lemo 18" - $99 - more in soon

Tilta Nucleus-M Motor - $399 - in stock
(WLC-T03-M) This brushless wireless follow focus motor has its own built-in motor drive that communicates directly with the hand unit and hand grips. This negates the need to mount a separate MDR to your rig, allowing for a more compact camera setup and a quicker setup time. Simply set the motor and Nucleus-M hand unit/hand grips to the same channel and you will have full control. The motor allows for automatic calibration of the lens as well as manual calibration if you are using lenses that don’t have hard end stops at close focus and infinity. The motor is designed to clamp onto 19mm or 15mm rods (with the included rod bushings). This clamp-on design allows you to easily attach and detach the motor without needing to remove any other accessory from your setup. Every motor has a 0.8 mod, 35 tooth, 32 pitch gear attached, which is the standard gear size for cinema lenses. The torque of the Nucleus-M Motor at 14.8V is 2.5N·m. To power the motor and subsequent motors, only one power port on your camera rig needs to be used. Simply plug the P-tap power cable into one of the motors and then daisy chain power to the rest of the motors with the short 7-pin to 7-pin cables.

Tilta Nucleus-M FIZ Hand Unit ARRI Standard Rosette Adapter - $55 - more in soon
(WLC-T03-RC) This Arri Standard Rosette adapter attaches to the back of the Nucleus-M’s FIZ hand unit to give you a way to mount it to monitor cages or anything else that utilizes a rosette-based mounting system. FIZ Handheld unit not included, duh.

Tilta Nucleus-M Marking Disc - $8 - in stock
Part Number: WLC-T03-MB-1.

Tilta Nucleus-M Hand Grip Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters (WLC-T03-GR-01) - $80 - more in soon
The Nucleus-M: Wireless Lens Control System was designed with versatility. Using these clamp-on rosette-based adapters, you can easily connect your Nucleus-M hand grips to ring-based gimbals. Simply use the Tilta Nucleus-M Hand Grip to Arri Standard Rosette Adapters to attach the Nucleus-M hand grips to these adapters. The package includes two adapters, one for the left and one for the right hand grip.

Tilta Nucleus-M 1/4"-20 Screw Mounting Slot to Arri Rosette Adapters - $109 - in stock
WLC-T03-RA-02 (Pair)

These Arri Standard Rosette connections are attached to ¼”-20 mounting slots to allow you to attach rosette-based accessories to a variety of ¼”-20 based surfaces including camera cages or monitor cages that don’t already feature rosette connections.

Tilta Nucleus-M Monitor Bracket (WLC-T03MA) - $149 - in stock
* Add a Monitor to the FIZ Hand Unit
* Attaches to Standard Rosette Adapter
* 1 x Rosette for Accessories
* 3.9" Long 15mm Rod
* Monitor Plate with 1/4"-20 Thumbscrew
* 1/4"-20 Threaded Holes
* Aluminum Construction

Tilta Nucleus-M Handle Grip Mount to Arri Standard Rosette Adapter (L/R) Pair - $115 - in stock

Tilta Nuculeus-M Motor Mount 15/19mm - $63 - in stock
(WLC-T03-MRA) This Nucleus-M motor rod mount slides onto the Nucleus-M motor to allow you to attach the motor to your rod setup. When clamped down, the mount fits comfortably around 19mm rods but then also includes removable bushings to allow you to mount to 15mm rods as well.

FeiyuTech AK Series Smart Charger - $25 - in stock
Battery charger with DC 5V 2A min. input & DC 4.2V 500mA max. output for 18650 rechargeable batteries. 4 slots design, allows you to charge 4pcs 18650 batteries simultaneously. 4 slots works independently, you can also charge 1/2/3/4 batteries flexibly. With LED light for indicating battery status(red light: in charging, green light: fully charged). Comes with a USB cable, you can charge the batteries through computer or power bank conveniently.

FeiyuTech 18650 Rechargeable Batteries 4 Pack - $49 - in stock
Rechargeable batteries that fit the Tilta Nucleus M, Tilta Gravity, and Zhiyun Crane 2, amongst other things. 2200 mAh each.


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