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Updated Aug 29/23

Teradek RT Accessories

CineCrew 18-inch 4-Pin Hirose to LANC Run/Stop Cable for MK3.1 MDR - in stock - $109
Allows for Run/Stop Control from Teradek RT Systems when using the MK3.1 MDR.

MK3.1 Motor Cable (11-1391) - special order
For MK3.1 Receiver, Slimline connection into an MK3 and MK3.1 Motor. Ultra flexible cable exits upwards from MOTOR (vertical) for easy routing back to the RECEIVER. Right Angle to Straight 60cm Length.
NOTE: Right angle connector only on one end.

LATITUDE RED-CTRL Cable (11-1384) - special order
For Latitude MDR, Connect the LATITUDE to RED cameras equipped with a CTRL socket. Enables run/stop, control of EF lenses and more. 40cm length.

LATITUDE Motor Cable - 40cm (11-1390)
- special order
For Latitude MDR, For LATITUDE. Spare Motor cable, 40cm. Note- this also works with the Receiver MK3.1, but the right angle points DOWN towards the CAM/PWR sockets.

Dual Motor Cable for MDR - 37cm (11-1370) - special order
Use the dual motor cable to drive 2 motors on any MDR.
All connectors are right-angled LM connectors and have colour coded overmolding allowing for an easy compact setup.
37cm length.

MK3.1 D-Tap Power Cable 11-1368 - special order
For MK3.1 Receiver - Power the RTMotion from a battery or plate. Hirose to D-Tap (male) 60cm Length.

Teradek RT White Marking Disc For MK3.1 Controller - special order
(11-1441) Marking disc for the MK3.1 Controller. Use a China Marker to clearly mark the disc! NOTE: Permanent marker pens can also be used and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

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