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Updated Sept 23/18

Find Mack Camera Warranties for Video Cameras here

These warranties are international and transferable if you sell your equipment and can help add to the re-sale value as most people prefer to have a warranty when they buy used equipment.

Most SLR cameras or lenses come with a 1 Year warranty. For not a lot of extra money, you can extended the manufacturer's warranty on the camera body by an additional 3 years. You don't have to buy the warranty right away, you have 30 days from purchasing the camera to buy the extended warranty. And you don't have to buy the camera from us either. As long as the camera was purchased brand new in Canada from an authorized dealer, we can sell you the extended warranty. YOU MUST REGISTER THE WARRANTY WITH MACK CAMERA WITHIN 30 DAYS OF INVOICING.


Mack Camera 3 Year Professional Lens Extended Warranty - $39 - in stock
(Lenses under US $5000)

Mack Camera 7 Year Lens Extended Warranty - $29 - in stock
(Lenses under US $1000)