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Updated Sept 18/23

Canon Video Batteries

Canon C200/C300 Mark II Batteries
BP-A30 (3200 mAh) - $339 - in stock
BP-A60 (6400 mAh) - $579 - in stock
These batteries are compatible with the C70/C200/C300 Mark II/III, C500 MK II cameras.

Core SWX Nano-C98 - $359 - in stock
Very popular! Third party replacement for the larger Canon BP-A60 battery. 6600mAh.
Compatible with Canon C70, C200, C300 Mark II/III, C500 Mark II.
1 x D-Tap and 1 x USB Port for accessories.
D-Tap Supports SMBUS Communication

Canon BP-975 - $259 - in stock
7350mAh battery for Red Komodo and Canon C100/C300/C500, XF100/XF105, XF300/XF305, GL2, XL2, XL H1A/H1S. 4 LED battery life indicators, communicates remaining battery life and data back to camcorder. NOTE - not compatible with the XH A1/A1S.

Find the REDVOLT BP battery for Komodo here.

Canon BP-955 - $209 - in stock
5200mAh battery for Canon C100/300/500 etc., and Red Komodo.

Canon BP-828 - $199 - more in soon
Compatible with G20, G21, G30, XA 10/11/15/20/25/30/35 etc, and numerous other Canon consumer video cameras. Largest capacity battery available. 2670 mAh capacity.


Swit S-3602C Dual Charger - $220 - in stock
Two charging channels with 7-8.4 VDC, 2A output each for simultaneously charging two batteries. It is compatible with the SWIT S-8845/S-8945 and Canon BP-945/970G series DV batteries. Four-level LED charging indicators for each channel indicate the percentage of charge remaining.

Canon CA-935 Battery Charger - $169 - in stock
Works with Canon BP-955/975 batteries. Enjoy using your camcorder and keep it charged at the same time with this compact power adapter. It connects directly to an AC outlet, allowing for uninterrupted recording or playback while keeping your batteries ready to go should you have to be on the move.

Canon CG-800 Charger - $69 - in stock
To charge Canon BP-8xx batteries, for such cameras as the G10/20/21/30/40, XA 10/11/15/20/25/30/35 and numerous other Canon consumer cameras that record to cards or hard drives.

Canon CA 570 - Reg $109 Open Box $79 - limited stock
Ac power supply Vixia and XA.

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