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Updated Nov 27/18

Camera Suction Mounts

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Delkin Devices

Fat Gecko Stealth Mount - $25 - in stock
Note: Any 1/4-20 suction mount can be used with GoPro Hero cameras just by adding a GoPro tripod adapter. The Delkin Fat Gecko Stealth Mount allows you to secure your digital camera to the side of a helmet, atop your surfboard or onto any other smooth solid surface. This low profile suction cup guarantees a reliable hold for equipment up to 1lb (16oz) in strenuous environments where wind, vibration, g-force or rain may come into play. Adjustable 180 degree rotation at the base of the Stealth Mount enables complete control of filming angles and perspectives during any sport or activity, while a discreet compact build provides optimal stability without any added weight or interference.

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Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount - $35 - more in soon
Whether you are looking to shoot quality footage from a surfboard, snowboard, ATV or even the top of a helmet, Delkin Devices' Fat Gecko Mini Mount has the ability to withstand any high-intensity, action sport environment. A solid steel shaft and rugged construction keep your compact digital camera secure and stationary for hands-free use in the most extreme situations. This sturdy camera mount uses a single 3 inch plastic suction cup and optional universal mounting screw to attach to any smooth surface, ensuring zero damage or slippage at its base. The Mini model is ideal for adventure sport use where either a compact point and shoot camera or camcorder up to 4 pounds is being utilized. With its 360 degree tilt, turn and rotation feature, the Fat Gecko Mini enables photographers to achieve any shooting angle desired while in motion! Fully functional and manufactured with superior quality, this device is a must-have for all photography enthusiasts.

Fat Gecko Triple Camera Mount - $109 - in stock
Designed to cut down on vibration, the Fat Gecko Triple Mount is ideal for those shooting with a heavier DSLR and lens combination or just aiming to get the most stability for video shoots. Utilizing three industrial locking suction cups, the Fat Gecko Triple creates a strong, trustworthy attachment to any smooth non-porous surface or object and is our most stable mount to date. The Triple is also made out of an anodized zinc, making it able to resist corrosion, wear & breakage for years of use. The Triple is ruggedly constructed to endure even the most strenuous shooting environments, where wind, g-force, water, vibration & speeds over 150 mph come into play. The stainless steel ¼-20 post enables universal use with cameras and camcorders weighing up to 12 lbs. (5.44 kg.), and features a locking ring to prevent spin in rough conditions. Six adjustment points are built into the Triple: three pivoting joints at the suction cups to accommodate flat or curved mounting surfaces and three ball joints that enable 360° tilt, turn and rotation for a totally customized set up. The two inch extension arm provides additional reach to shoot around and over obstacles when needed. Rugged construction & an anodized metal design keeps heavier equipment steady, while the patented locking suction cups hold securely and create an easy, quick, damage-free attachment.

Fat Gecko Dual Camera Mount - $65 - special order
Secure your DSLR, compact camera, or camcorder to the side of your car, motorcycle, boat, snowboard or any other smooth surface with Delkin's award-winning Fat Gecko Dual Mount. Two locking suction cups secure equipment up to 8 pounds to any smooth non-porous surface, even in strenuous shooting environments where wind, g-force and water come into play. Rugged construction and an anodized metal design keeps heavier equipment steady, while the patented locking suction cups hold securely and create an easy, quick, damage-free attachment. Four adjustable joints enable unlimited tilt, turn and rotation so you can achieve virtually any shooting angle desired, hands free. The rotating ball head and extension arm help you to customize the perfect shot, even around fenders or in tough spaces. Because each suction cup is adjustable, the Fat Gecko Dual Mount can accommodate rounded surfaces and angles, as well as flat surfaces, with ease. Our standard ¼-20” tripod mount and ball head means the Fat Gecko can be used with virtually any photography equipment, including DSLRs, compact cameras, camcorders, action cameras, and more. Attach the included hot shoe adapter using the built in ¼-20” thread and expand your mounting possibilities to include flash units and more.

CineCrew Small Suction Cup with Cheese Plate - $150 - in stock

CineCrew Medium Suction Cup with Cheese Plate - $170 - in stock

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