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Updated Dec 11/21

Lens Adapters For Video Cameras

DVX100 Series Lens Adapters - Bundle of 4 Display Models on Sale - $99
* Century Optics Fisheye
* Century Optics .7x Zoom through
* Century .6x Non-Zoom Through
* 16x9 1.5x TelePhoto

Century Optics OVS-06WA-DVX Fisheye Adapter For Panasonic DVX 100 Series
This wide angle adapter for the DVX100/A is ideal for situations when full zoom isn't needed. It offers a 40% wider angle of view and allows partial zoom capability. Bayonet mount - fits DVX100, 100a and 100b.

Century Optics .7X Zoom Through Wide Angle Adapter - Panasonic DVX100 Series
This lens will bayonet mount directly to the lens. Add the .7X Wide Angle Converter for shots requiring a wider angle of view and full zoom capabilities. The .7X adds 30% more coverage throughout the range. Multi-coated glass elements deliver ultra-sharp images free of unwanted distortion or chromatic aberration. The wide angle coefficient is 0.7x, which delivers a 30% wider angle than your stock lens. The resulting focal length is 3.1-31.5mm with a 75-9° horizontal angle of view.

Century Optics .6X Non Zoom Through Wide Angle Adapter
Panasonic DVX100, 100a, 100b MFR PT # OVS-06WA-DVX
Ideal for shooting situations in which zooming isn't needed. The .6X attaches to the front of your video zoom lens for 40% wider angle of view and minimal distortion. It allows partial zooming up to mid-range while in Auto Focus (loses focus beyond 5X). The resulting focal length is 2.7-13.5mm with a 84-21 horizontal angle of view). Comes in Bayonet Mount that attaches with a twist to the front of your DVX100 10X lens.

16-HDVT15X-72 1.5x Telephoto Converter Lens Fits 72mm
16x9 Inc. introduces the EX 1.5X, a top-of-the-line Tele Converter designed to enhance the performance of popular compact HD camcorders, including the Sony HVR-V1U and HDR-FX7. The latest in the 16x9 Inc. EX Collection of HD-quality lens accessories, the 1.5X simply screws onto the front of the camera lens in the 72mm filter thread , adding 1.5X magnification, moving the focal range in the telephoto direction. Compatible with the Panasonic DVX100, Canon A1/G1,Canon XL1/XL2/XL H1, Sony Z1/FX1, etc. Comes with pouch and lens shade.

Lens Adapters Sony FX-1/Z1

Century Optics OVS-07CV-HDS
.7X Zoom Through Wide Angle Adapter
For Sony FX1/Z1
Display Model on Sale $99
Century's 7X HD Wide Angle Converter attaches quickly to the front of your HDR-FX1's 12X lens, offering a 30% wider angle of view and full zoom-thru capabilities. The .7X HD shifts the focal length range from 4.5–54mm to 3.1-37.8mm — with no appreciable light loss. Specially designed for HD applications with multi-layer coated glass elements. Uses bayonet mount that attaches with a twist to the front of your HDR-FX1 12X lens.

Lens Adapters HVX 200

Century Optics 1.6x Tele-converter For Panasonic HVX 200 Series
Display Model on Sale $99
This Century Optics 0HD-16TC-HVX 1.6x Telephoto Converter Lens for the Panasonic HVX-200 series camcorders attaches directly to the 13x 4.2-55mm zoom lens via bayonet mount. The 1.6X HR Teleconverter instantly shifts the focal length range in the telephoto direction without light loss. This converter lens offers partial zoom through capability.