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Updated Jan 14/22
Sony Video Batteries & Chargers

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Sony V Batteries & Chargers

Sony NP-FV100A - $249 - in stock
V series battery - output 3410 mAh. Works with Sony PX70, AX53/100/700, CX900, VG10/20/30 and other cameras.

Sony BC-TRV Charger - $79 - in stock
For V, H and P series batteries.

Sony BPU Batteries & Chargers


Shape BPU65 (65wh) - $185 - in stock
The Shape 65Wh BP-U65 Lithium-Ion Battery is designed for Sony BP-U type mounts which power Sony PMW or PXW series cameras. This 14.8V, 5200mAh battery has no memory effect and is decoded so it can be fully charged with accurate power metering. 4-LED Power Guage. D-Tap and USB accessory ports. Works with the Sony FS5/7, FX9. Charges in the Sony BP charger.

Core SWX Nano-U98 (98 Wh/6600 mAh) - $319 - more in soon
Good quality third party battery for the Sony BPU line. Has P-Tap and USB outputs as well, intergrated into the battery to power accessories. Fuel gauge on the back. Fully compatible with the Sony FS5/7, FX6, FX9, PMW 100/150/200, EX1R/3/EX280, PXW-X160/X180/X200, etc.

Sony BP-U60 (56 wh) - $319 - special order
Sony BP-U70 (72 wh) - $421 - special order
Fuel gauge on the outside to quickly check capacity. Compatible with Sony XDCAM cameras, such as the FS5/7, FX6, FX9, PMW 100/150/200, EX 1R/3, F3, PXW-X160/X180/X200.


Swit S-3602U - $209 - in stock
Dual charger for the Sony or 3rd party "U" batteries.

Sony BC-U1 - $249 - special order
Single charger. Can also power the camera. Can charge a U60 battery in 3 hours, a U90 in 3 1/2 hours.
Sony BC-U2 - $449 - special order - takes 7 - 10 days
Dual simultaneous charger. Can charge U60 x 2 in 3 hours, charge U90 x 2 in 3 1/2 hours. Can charge one battery while providing power to the camera. Used to charge the batteries that power the FS5/7, PMW 100/150/200, EX 1R/3, F3, PXW-X160/X180/X200 cameras.

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