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Updated Nov 12/18


Small Rig Plate Kit for FS5 - $45 - in stock
(1843) Specifically designed for the Sony PXW-FS5 camera. This kit comes with two top plates (left and right side), and a side plate for the right
side. Lots of 1/4" and 3/8" holes to connect accessories. Side plate has an Arri locating-pin hole, and a cold shoe. All screws to attach the plates to
the camera are included.

Small Rig 1896 MEtabones Support of FS5 - $39 - in stock
Requires 1827 Baseplate.

Small Rig 1831 FS5 Screen Mounting Clamp - $39 - in stock
FS5 Screen Mounting Clamp.

Small Rig 1867 FS5 ARRI Rosette for Grip - $35 - in stock

Small Rig 1835 LANC Cable for FS5 Male/Male - $25 - in stock
Includes cover.