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Updated Jan 13/21

Dual RCA to Dual RCA - for audio

Digiflex H2R2R-6 - $15 - in stock
6 ft dual RCA.

Hosa RCA-RCA Coupler GRA-101 2 pack - $5 - in stock
RCA Coupler (Female on both ends) to let you join two RCA cables. Comes in a 2 pack.

General Purpose XLR-RCA for Audio

Hosa XRF 105 - 5' XLR (F) to RCA (M)
- $10 - in stock
Connect audio components with XLR outputs to audio components with phono inputs with this cable. XLR3 female-to-RCA connection.

XLR (F) to RCA (M)
3 ft
- Open Box $3
5 ft - Open Box $5

Hosa XRM 105 - 5' XLR (M) to RCA (F) - $10 - special order
The Hosa XRM-105 is a 5' RCA to XLR Male unbalanced interconnect cable designed to connect gear with phono outputs to gear with XLR inputs. For best results, match the high output impedance to the low input impedance.

Hosa GXR -134 - $14 - in stock
XLR (F) - RCA (M) Adapter

RCA to Sony

Sony VMC-15MR2 Handycam A/V Cable (5') - $25 - in stock
* Connect Your Handycam Camcorder to a TV
* Compatible with Sony Multi Terminal
* Composite RCA video plug
* L/R RCA audio plug

RCA to Mini

Hosa CMR-206 Stereo Mini Male to RCA Y-Cable - 6 Feet - $12 - in stock
Connects Your Portable Audio Player, MP3 Player, iPod, portable DVD player, laptop or desktop computer to your home stereo for full maximum sound.

StarTech 6ft Dual RCA (F) to 3.5mm (M) - $7 - in stock
(MU1MFRCA) This cable is designed to split a stereo signal. Black- and red-coded phono jacks indicate left and right respectively. It may be used to adapt a stereo cable with phono plugs to a mini stereo phone jack.

Hosa YMR-197 MiniJack (F) to Dual RCA (M) 6" - $6 - in stock
This cable is designed to split a stereo signal. Black-and red-coded phono plugs indicate left and right respectively.