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Power Cables


StarTech 1ft Standard PC Power Cord - PXT1011 - $7 - in stock
NEMA5-15P - C13. Good for Rack Mount Switchers.

Standard 6' PC Power Cable PXT101 - $7 - in stock
Open Box $5
NEMA5-15P - C13.

StarTech 1' Power Cord Extension - $5 - in stock
Have giant power supplies eating up too much space on your power bar? Here is the solution - small, 12" power extension cord, so you plug in this cord to your power bar, then plug in the power supply into it, so you can utilize all the plugs on your power bar. PAC101.

StarTech 3' Power Cord Extension - $7 - in stock
NEMA5-15R to NEMA5-15p. PAC1013.

Startech 6ft Laptop Power Cord - 2 prong - PXT101NB - $9 - in stock
The StarTech.com PXT101NB Standard Power Cord offers a secondary or replacement power source option for numerous electronic devices. Constructed from high-quality durable materials, the cable supplies uninterrupted electricity to a variety of notebooks and other gadgets. It features a two-pole design that is compatible with a number of electronics. The laptop AC power cord's generous length allows charging devices to conveniently sit several feet away from the nearest outlet. No need to sit them directly next to the wall with this cable. Power your devices where you need them most with this versatile cord. Keep one in your computer bag as a backup or use it as a replacement for other worn-out cables.

3ft Polarized Notebook/Laptop 1-15P to C7 2 Pin Power Cord
(D-Shaped infinity) Open Box $2

Startech 6ft Standard Laptop Power Cord - PXT101NB3S - 3 Prong - $9 - in stock
6 ft. 3-Slot Laptop Power Cord features one standard NEMA 5-15P and one C5 connector - a suitable replacement notebook power cord or spare power cord for your HP, Toshiba or other compatible laptop. Has the "Mickey Mouse" connector.

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