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Updated Sept 15/23

Camera D-Tap, Power Tap Cables and Accessories

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Blackmagic Camera D-Tap Cables

RED Komodo D-Tap Cables

Shape D-Tap Canon C70 - $32 - in stock
(C70PC) Power your Canon C70 camera with SHAPE Coiled D-Tap to 5.5 x 2.5 mm Barrel Type Power Cable. The coiled power cable extends from 10 to 24 in length and features a D-Tap connector on one end and a 5.5 x 2.5 mm Barrel type connector on the other end a right-angle connector for neater cable dressing. It provides unregulated input and output power from 11 to 17 VDC from a battery or other power source to the camera.

Anton Bauer D-Tap to Canon 20" - $99 - limited stock
(8075-0271) Works for Canon C100, C100MKII, C300, C500. Let's you power these cameras off V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries (or any battery with D-Tap). 20" cable length and 9V output current.

Shape EVAPC - $100 - in stock
SHAPE D-Tap to Regulated 12V Power Cable for Panasonic AU-EVA1 & Sony FS7/FS5 Cameras (22").

SmallHD D-Tap to Sony L - $69 - in stock
(PWR-ADP-SONYL-DTAP) Works with devices powered by Sony L batteries, such as monitors and lights. Only compatible with devices requiring 7.4 volts. Cable length is 40".

Kondor Blue D-Tap to Sony L - $59 - more in soon
(KB-DTAP-SL) Braided 16 to 36" coiled cable.

Shape D-Tap for Sony FX6 (FX6PC) - $125 - in stock
19.5 V output D-Tap power cable for Sony FX6.

Shape D-Tap for Sony FX9 (FX9PC) - $125 - in stock
19.5 V output D-Tap power cable for Sony FX9.

Wooden Camera D-Tap for Sony FX6/9 - $219 - more in September
(276100) D-Tap to FX6 or FX9 allows you to power the camera using any V-Mount or Gold Mount battery with a D-Tap plug. The cable regulates power from the D-Tap to the proper 19.5V required by the camera.

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CineCrew 4-Pin Lemo To D-Tap for Canon C300 MKII - $150 - in stock
24" Cable that lets you power your Canon C200/C300 Mark II from a D-Tap.

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