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Updated June 11/24

Accessories, Cables, Replacement Parts for Lav Kits

Replacement Mics

Sennheiser ME 2 Omni Lav Mic - $169 - in stock
(508935) Updated replacement mic for the AVX ME2/EW100ENG/ EW112/ EW112P/ EW312/ EW500ENG/ EW512/ EW512P kits.

Accessories and Cables


CL100 Mini-jack to XLR (M) - $20 - in stock
(556950) To attach the receiver to an XLR input on camera or mixer.

CL1-N Mini to Mini - $29 - in stock
(005022) Replacement cable for the mini jack cable to attach receiver to mini-jack input on camera.

CL35 Y Mini-Jack Splitter - $25 - in stock
Connect 2 wireless receivers to a camera. Locking 3.5 mm TRS plug to dual 3.5 mm TRS plug coiled cable. Two channel split cable for using 2 receivers. Equipped with two right-angle, locking 3.5mm TRS male connectors for secure connection to two receivers and on the other end a single right-angle 3.5mm TRS male connector for connecting to the audio input of your recording device. The cable does maintain the audio split on the camera or recorder, so that input 1 goes to one audio track, and input 2 goes to the other audio track - it does not mix them together.

Replacement Parts:

Sennheiser Mic Clamp - $15 - in stock
(564565) Replacement lapel clip for the new ME2-II lav mic.

Audio-Technica ATR3350is/ATR3350xis Mic Clip - $6 - in stock
Fits Sennheiser ME2-II Lav Mic.

Sennheiser Metal Belt Clip
Lost the metal clip from your bodypack or receiver?
Here's the replacement.
For G2 series - $9 - in stock
For G3 series (576130) - $9 - in stock

Sennheiser Hot Shoe Adapter CA2 - $29 - in stock
(009986) Allows you to mount your receiver on your camera shoe. Replacement of the unit that came with your wireless kit.

Sennheiser B30 AA Sled - $39 - in stock
(564557) Adapter that allows you to use AA batteries instead of the BA30 battery pack in your AVX bodypack.

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Audio-Technica AT8419 Mic Clip - Sale $10 - limited stock

Audio-Technica AT8116 Wind Screen - Sale $10 - limited stock

Lav Windsocks, Replacement Foam

Rycote Undercovers