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Updated May 15/2015

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Find foams and furry windscreens for lavs here

Rycote Mini Wind Jammers For Digital Recorders
For H6 - $49 - in stock
For H4N - $49 - in stock
For H2/H2N - $49 - special order
For Zoom H1 - $49 - in stock
For Tascam DR-100 - $49 - in stock
For Tascam DR-40 - $49 - in stock

Zoom Universal Windscreen WSU-1 - $39 - in stock
Compatible with H6, H4n, H2n, H1, Q2HD, 1Q5.

Rode Dead Cat - $49 - in stock
This furry reduces wind noise and slips on top of the foam windscreen that came with your microphone. Fits Rode VideoMic, Sennheiser MKE300, Rode NTG-1, NTG-2 and Audio Technica AT897/AT875R.

Rode Windshield for the Video Mic Go - $39 - in stock

Find windscreen for Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun here

Rode VMP Dead Cat - $49 - in stock
Black furry windsock for Rode Video Mic Pro.

Rode Dead Kitten - $33 - in stock
Smaller version of Dead Cat. Designed for use with the Rode Stereo VideoMic and NT4 and is designed to suppress noise caused by high wind while outdoors. It will also fit on handheld reporters mics and some onboard video camera mics. Fits Stereo Video Mic Pro.


Rode Large Deluxe Windscreen

Deluxe Windshield comprised of open cell foam and fur sleeve.

WS6 - $75 - in stock
For NTG-1, NTG-2, Sennheiser ME66, and shotguns with a maximum slot length of 160.5mm (6 1/4”) and a diameter of 21-22.5mm.

WS7 - $75 - special order - takes 3 business days
For NTG-3 and shotguns with a maximum slot length of 186.5mm (7 1/4”) and a diameter of 19-20mm.

Pop Blocker

Rode Blimp - $249 - Special order
Complete windshield and shock mounting accessory for any shotgun microphone up to 325mm in length. Housing is based on a 10 frequency geodesic dome, with a triangular cross-section that allows the part to be injection-molded in one piece. This geometry creates a high open-area ratio that greatly improves the acoustic transparency over existing solutions, yet an unparalleled level of robustness and physical protection for the microphone. The end-domes can be easily removed by twisting off, allowing easy access to the microphone. An oversize thread allows easy and intuitive re-attachment of the domes, avoiding clip systems that are difficult to use and vulnerable to breaking. A high quality Dead Wombat synthetic fur cover and brush is supplied for additional wind protection in extreme environments. Adjustable dual hoop suspension system. (Windscreen only, no mic inside)