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Updated Oct 17/20

Mic Screen and Mic Stands

On Stage Stands Pop Blocker ASVS6B - $27 - more in soon
Mic wind screen that clamps onto your desk, mic stand or other surfaces. 6" screen. Reduces pops.

Find audio thread adapters here

On Stage DS7100B Desktop Microphone Stand With Heavy Round Base - $12 - in stock
4" Desktop microphone stand with a 5/8" thread mount. Designed to hold any standard microphone for desktop placement. Weighted metal base for stability.

On Stage Telescoping Mic Stand MC7701TB -special order
This telescoping mic stand from On Stage is a good, economical choice to add a boom mic to a set when you don't have a boom operator. Doesn't go super tall, but its lightweight and affordable. 5/8" Mount on the end to mount your mic. Boom arm can be easily removed if you just want a plain mic stand. Max Stand Height (not including boom): 5'3"/160cm. Min Stand Height: 3'/92cm. Boom Length: 14"/36cm to 30"/76cm. Folded Transport Length: 32"/81 cm. Weight: 5.7 lbs/2.5 kg