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Updated Jan 3/20

Mic Screen and Mic Stands

On Stage Stands Pop Blocker ASVS6B - $27 - in stock
Mic wind screen that clamps onto your desk, mic stand or other surfaces. 6" screen. Reduces pops.

On Stage DS7100B Desktop Microphone Stand With Heavy Round Base - $12 - in stock
4" Desktop microphone stand with a 5/8" thread mount. Designed to hold any standard microphone for desktop placement. Weighted metal base for stability.

K&M Collapsible Tripod Desktop Mic Stand 5/8" Mount
$15 - special order

Koenig & Meyer - Small, tripod-style lightweight stand featuring a plastic base with metal folding legs and 5/8" thread. Works with heavier mics. Collapses to fit in your carrying case. Weight: 0.1kg, Height: 60mm.

On Stage Telescoping Mic Stand MC7701TB - $42 - call to check
This telescoping mic stand from On Stage is a good, economical choice to add a boom mic to a set when you don't have a boom operator. Doesn't go super
tall, but its lightweight and affordable. 5/8" Mount on the end to mount your mic. Boom arm can be easily removed if you just want a plain mic stand.

Max Stand Height (not including boom): 5'3"/160cm
Min Stand Height: 3'/92cm
Boom Length: 14"/36cm to 30"/76cm
Folded Transport Length: 32"/81 cm
Weight: 5.7 lbs/2.5 kg

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