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Updated July 18/24

Canon Audio

Tascam CA-XLR2d-C Mic Adapter Canon Kit - $749 - in stock
Digital converter for Canon EOS R3, R5 C, R7, R6 MK II, Canon XF605.

Capture high-quality, low-noise recordings from your favorite XLR microphone directly to your Canon camera with the Tascam CA-XLR2d-C XLR Microphone Adapter Kit for Cameras. This version includes an accessory shoe that takes advantage of Canon's multi-accessory shoe to provide a cable-free digital audio connection to the camera—avoiding any deterioration in sound quality and eliminating the work of synchronizing images and sound in postproduction.

The accessory shoe also allows the camera to supply the adapter with power for the analog-to-digital converter and the 48V phantom power needed for condenser microphones. Two AA batteries will also power the unit, and the 3.5mm output jack will connect to just about any camera's 3.5mm audio input, using the supplied cable; meaning the CA-XLR2d-C can work as an analog audio adapter with a wide variety of mirrorless/DSLR cameras. The audio output can also serve as a headphone jack for real-time monitoring in the field.


Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone - $199 - special order
The Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone delivers high-quality stereo audio recordings to various Vixia-series camcorders. The microphone connects via Canon's powered advanced accessory shoe for cable-free installation - both power and sound is carried, so no messy cables sticking out the side, and no running out of battery power on the mic, which is nice. Sound quality is good - not as good as a Rode Video Mic Pro or Shure VP83, but certainly better than the built-in mic, and produces respectable sound.

NOTE - will only work on Canon video cameras with the Advanced Accessory Shoe. Will not work on any other camera. Includes furry windsock.

Battery Powered Mics

These mics connect via mini-jack or XLR cables and are powered by battery.

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